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Kamloops Classic Swimming Registration Information

2016-2017 fees and schedules for all of our roster groups.
(After remaining static for 3 yrs, KCS BOD has increased fees 5% to keep up with rising costs) 

Season is September to June for most swimmers
SwimBC insurance has risen by  3$
Please refer to Swimmers Schedule drop down menu for any weekly schedule changes

 Overview of Membership Fees

For most swimmers, the swim club membership fees represent the bulk of their financial commitment for the season. These fees include the following major components:

  • Coaching costs
  • Regular dryland training sessions
  • Pool Time
  • Cost of participating in swim meets hosted by Kamloops Classic Swimming

Membership fees do not include the following:

  • National and Provincial Association Membership Fees
  • The cost of participating in away swim meets (non-KCS hosted meets)
  • Cost of participating in special dryland training sessions (AG 1/2 & Sr 2 Rosters).
  • Charges related to any incomplete volunteer service hours commitments
  • Team suits/apparel

Multi-swimmer discount: by enrolling more siblings in the program, you get access to progressively greater discounts: Register 2 swimmers, get a 4% discount off your total fee; 3 swimmers? get 8% off your total fees; and if you have four swimmers or more, get 25% off your total fees. The discounts do not apply to Swim BC Fees or Respect in Sport commitment.

Other important information...

Payment Options:

  1. Pay in full (registration fee + annual fees) at the time of registration and receive a 5% discount. (We love this option!)
  2. Pay your registration fee at the time of registration and then pay 8 equal payment for the next 8 months from October 1st to May 1st, inclusive. Visa/Mastercard is currently available all members at no extra cost. Monthly post-dated checks will be accepted. NSF cheques will be charged an additional $25.00

Move-up and Transition Fees:

Swimmers who transition into higher training groups throughout the season will be responsible to pay a one-time "move-up" fee of $15-$25. New swimmers can join at any time during the season. Payment structure will be pro-rated meaning that swimmers will be responsible to pay the registration fee that corresponds to their roster group and then monthly installments from the date that they register. **ie. if a novice swimmer were to begin competitive swim club in January, they would pay the $149 registration and then  $56/month installments from January 1st to May 1st (+ SwimBC fees & Respect in Sport course).

Meet Hosting Commitment:

Kamloops Classic Swimming is proud to host many swim meets each year which raise considerable funds for our club. All swimmers are responsible for providing at least one volunteer for each and every session of our home meets.This program was first implemented during the 2010-2011 swim season and has proved to be highly successful in ensuring all families volunteer the time the organization needs to survive and to thrive. Families not meeting their volunteer commitment will be assessed with penalty. Please refer to the (KCS Volunteer Commitment).  


Swim BC Registration Fees:

Charged by Swim BC, our governing body.  Swim BC fees pay for swimmer insurance, membership with Swimming Canada and athlete development programs.  Fees are mandatory for all members and are non-refundable.  Please refer to the Fee Schedules for details.

Non-recurring Account Charges: 

Non-recurring charges that are paid by the swim club on behalf of your child throughout the season will be charged to your swimmer’s account. These charges include swim meet entry fees for away meets and/or team travel.  Swimmers using team travel will be provided with a cost estimate prior to the event. Monthly emails will be generated by the TeamUnify system on the 21st of the month outlining the charges to be invoiced on the 1st of the month. If there are any discrepencies, they should be brought to the immediate attention of the team administrator (250-828-3660) prior to invoicing. It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that accounts are kept up-to-date, failure to do so will result in late fees and suspension of meet sign-up priviledges. 

Meet Entry Deadlines/Fees:

Deadlines for committing your swimmer for upcoming home and away swim meets are normally due three weeks in advance of a meet date or as indicated in the event sign-up email. Your swimmer will only be eligible to attend a meet once you have committed them to attend. This is done by selecting the meet on the event page and clicking on the "attend this meet" button. Once the coaches see that your swimmer has committed to attend the meet, they will choose each swimmers events. Associated meet fees ($8.50 per race + $5 regional fee) will then appear in your online family account and will be invoiced on the 1st of the month following (depending on the age of the swimmer, they will race anywhere from 5 to 8 races). Families are responsible for keeping their accounts paid and late payments will result in a $20 late fee and a suspension of meet sign-up priveledges.  Swimmers who scratch from the meet after the entry deadline will still be responsible for their meet fees.  Host clubs will only refund meet entry fees with a doctor’s note.

***A late fee will be imposed for any late meet sign ups. 1st offence incurs a charge of $20 per family account, subsequent infractions will incur a $50 charge.

Vacation/Illness Policy: 

Annual fees are based on an annual program.  Therefore, refunds will not be given for vacation or illness. Refunds for extended illness (30 days or more) will only be considered with a doctor’s note and the approval of the KCS Board of Directors.

Withdrawals and Refunds: 

Registration fees, SwimBC fees and Respect in Sport fees are non-refundable. Training fees will be refunded for remaining months after email notification of the withdrawal is sent to the registrar and coach at  Your withdrawal will occur at the end of the month of the day that KCS Registrar is notified. Any outstanding family accounts must be paid in full before automatic credit card withdrawals are stopped. No refunds will be given after March 30th.

 * If you have paid your annual fees in full at the beginning of the season, the equivalent monthly payments that your swimmer will not be swimming for the remainder of the year will be refunded.



Kamloops Classic Swimming recognizes that today’s families are very busy and very few have spare time to spend raising funds.  However to ensure that fees remain affordable, we do need to have additional funds coming into the club.  We have some very easy ways to help out.

  • Fall Swim-A-Thon
  • Hosting Swim meets:This is explained above and is our "main source" of fundraising and is a great way to watch your child swim close-up as well as a fun way to make new friends in the club.  There is a job for everyone and volunteers usually get fed during their shift.
  • Year-end Banquet Silent Auction

Childrens Fitness Tax Credit: 

Beginning in 2007, the Government of Canada is allowing a non-refundable tax credit on eligible amounts up to $500 paid by parents to register a child in an eligible program of physical activity.  The Kamloops Classic Swimming programs are eligible activies. Please keep a copy of your statements from your account as your receipt for Revenue Canada if needed.

A note from Swimming Canada: "To be eligible for the children’s fitness tax credit, the fees must be paid for a child who is under 16 at any time in the year.  The fees must relate to the cost of registration or membership in an eligible program of physical fitness activity.  There will not be a need to submit receipts when filing your tax return, but you must keep them in case the Canada Revenue Agency asks for them when verifying the claim.  Receipts should be kept for six years."

Kamloops Classic Swimming is a registered member of SwimBC and Swimming Canada. For program information please visit the program tab of the website.