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ROW SWIM CLUB                
Fee Schedule 2018-2019              
Group Registration Fee Training Fees Fundraising Meet Fees in PAD First Payment Number of Additional Payments Total PAD
Senior 1 - 8x  $     250.00  $ 3,700.00  $    300.00  $  950.00  $ 550.00 10  $ 5,200.00  $  465.00
Senior 1 - 7x  $     250.00  $ 3,400.00  $    300.00  $  800.00  $ 550.00 10  $ 4,750.00  $  420.00
Senior 2  $     250.00  $ 2,550.00  $    200.00  $  700.00  $ 450.00 10  $ 3,700.00  $  325.00
Gold  $     250.00  $ 2,550.00  $    200.00  $  700.00  $ 450.00 10  $ 3,700.00  $  325.00
Silver  $     250.00  $ 1,900.00  $    200.00  $  700.00  $ 450.00 8  $ 3,050.00  $  325.00
Steel  $     250.00  $ 1,500.00  $    200.00  $  700.00  $ 450.00 8  $ 2,650.00  $  275.00
Bronze 1  $     250.00  $ 1,350.00  $    200.00  $  700.00  $ 450.00 8  $ 2,500.00  $  256.25
Bronze 2  $     250.00  $ 1,000.00  $    200.00  $  525.00  $ 450.00 8  $ 1,975.00  $  190.63
Learn to Train  $     250.00  $    900.00  $    200.00  $  200.00  $ 450.00 8  $ 1,550.00  $  137.50
Tops 2x  $     200.00  $    675.00  $    100.00  $  100.00  $ 300.00 8  $ 1,075.00  $    96.88
Stars  $     100.00  $    100.00            
Gym & Swim  $     100.00  $    250.00            


Understanding ROW Swim Fees

Registration Fees MUST be paid before a swimmer can start any ROW program. These fees include a Swim Ontario / Swimming Canada registration fee, WOSA fee, and a ROW Administration Fee. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Fundraising Fee All of our programs, include a non-refundable fundraising fee. The fundraising fee is different for each group but has a maximum of $400 per family. This year you will be receiving books of raffle tickets. You can recoup your fundraising fee selling the raffle tickets. To find out more, click Fundraising Commitment.

Refunds Withdrawal Oct-Jan - fees will be prorated over the remaining season. There are NO refunds after February 1, 2015.  This includes any any unposted training fees Feb-July if your payment plan is exceeds PAD payments beyond Feb.

Multi-swimmer discounts for families are applied as follows: 10% discount on the second swimmer’s fees and a 15% discount on each additional sibling's fees. The discount is applied to the training portion of the fees only.

Meet Pre-payment fees are based on the approximate costs of meet entry fees and are charged to all competitive swimmers. Any unused portion of the meet payments will be carried over to the next season, or refunded upon request at the end of the season. Please note there will be a $15.00 Competitive Service fee applied to each swimmer (to a maximum of $30.00 per family for the same attended meet) for each away meet to help cover coaching costs. For away meets within Waterloo Region, the Competitive Service fee is reduced to $5 for each swimmer (to a maximum of $10 per family).

Payment Options

You can choose to pay the total amount owing, or you can choose to pay monthly. The number of months is determined by the program your swimmer is registered in. For multi-swimmer families, the longest period of time is used for the calculation. Senior 1, Senior 2 and Gold are divided into 10 equal payments, Athletic Swim, Steel, Silver, Bronze, TOP are 8 payments. If you are choosing to make monthly payments, you MUST complete a pre-authorized debits (PAD) application. This allows us to withdraw the funds automatically from your account at the 1st of every month.

We are pleased to now offer a credit card payment option.  Credit card are processed through Team Unify by C & H Financial.  There is a processing fee of 3.65% added on to the total invoice.  Payments can be posted monthly on the 1st of each month according to your payment plan.

The first payment amount (registration and fundraising fees) are due on receipt. Please send a cheque for this amount, plus a void cheque along with the PADs application to the ROW office. If paying for the total amount owing, you simply send your cheque for the full amount.

Please forward a cheque made payable to ROW Swim Club to:

Region of Waterloo Swim Club

c/o Wilfrid Laurier University Athletic Complex 

75 University Ave W.  

Waterloo, Ontario 


Please include with your registration/fundraising payment the following:

  • if paying by monthly installments - Pre-Authorized Debits (PADs) Application Form and void cheque.

  • any outstanding balance


Want to join the Region of Waterloo Swim Club?

Next assessment dates-Check our ad to the right or by appointment please email

ROW Swim Club offers a variety of programs for swimmers of all abilities. Swimmers must be comfortable in the water independently. Look here for a description of programs and the associated schedules.

The first step to joining ROW is to have your swimmer's skills assessed. Try-outs are normally held in September. You can also arrange an try-out at other times by sending an email to to set up an appointment. Please include in the email your swimmer's name and age plus parents' name and phone number.

TOP is our initial competitive program typically suited for swimmers aged 8 and under, but again is dependant on swim ability. The TOP program runs September to the end of May, but new swimmers can join anytime based on availability. Swimmers in this program swim three times a week, one hour each time. This program works on stroke technique and endurance. Swimmers in this program also participate in “ROW Series Meets”. These meets are informal fun meets designed to introduce swimmers to the sport of competitive swimming. The focus of these meets are “best times” and swimmers are awarded with ribbons. Swimmers in this level will also have the opportunity to compete in local swim meets.

Our STEEL program is for swimmers still developing their skills. From here, swimmers can move on to ROW's other programe levels as they progress in age, maturity and skill.

Our BRONZE (9-10), SILVER (11-12), GOLD (13-14) and SPRINT, SENIOR and ELITE (14+) programs are for more seasoned swimmers, ready to begin competitive swimming. Swimmers in these groups participate in swim meets at regional, provincial, and national level as they progress in age, maturity and skill.

For more information on our programs, see Programs.

For information on program fees, see Fee Schedule.

For more information on team uniforms, see Team Uniforms. An order form can be downloaded below.

You should also familiarize yourself and your swimmer with the Code of Conduct. The short version is available below.

If you have further questions about our programs, please contact See you in the water!

Group assessment/registration date:

Check our ad for our next group assessment dates. If you are keen to join us sooner, please send an email to with your contact info and swimmer info. We will be happy to arrange an appointment where one of our coaches can assess your swimmer in the water.

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Contact Us

ROW Office

Region of Waterloo Swim Club
c/o Wilfrid Laurier University Athletic Complex

75 University Ave W.

Waterloo, Ontario



Office Manager: Carly Martin
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Send a message to our advertising/sponsorship group

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