Membership Information

2017 Swimmer Registration Fees / Fundraising Commitment

Try our swim team for week! Rookie Week Trial is FREE!! May 23 - 27, 2017.  

Register your swimmer now as a Rookie to guarantee a spot!

  First Swimmer                          $275          3 Bingo's  ($200 collatoral each)   

   1 Casino ($300)

/or Cash Raffle

($150 collatoral) per family     

  Second Swimmer $275 3 Bingo's ($200 collatoral each) 0   
  Third Swimmer $275 0   
  Fourth + Swimmer $275 0  

Plus $30.00 per family towards our Stony Plain Swim Meet Raffle.

The Stony Plain Sharks Club is a parent run team with a volunteer Board of Directors and it costs approximately $1050.00-1200 per swimmer to swim between the months of May and August that covers pool rental, swim meet fees, insurance coach wages and equipment depending on the number of registered swimmers.  We understand it is an expensive, however, a very worthwhile sport!  We have done our absolute best to come up with a fundraising plan that will keep incurred costs down.   In the event that there are a significant increase in registration, we will review out Bingo commitment to reduce the number accordingly per family.

Above the fundraising commitment, in order to  promote a healthy team spirit, accomplish goals, and host a local swim meet, SPSSC needs the help of those parents who have swimmers on the team.  Each year, we ask each family to donate hours of their time.  Volunteering can occur in a variety of ways, such as, assisting in the many positions to aid in our Region B swim meets, Regional Competitions and Provincial Championships, set up and take down at our hosted meet, hospitality, additional fundraising such as 50/50 ticket sales, and planning for the spirit functions for our club.  Your assistance in any capcity is sincerely appreciated.


Refund Policy

Fees for the swim season will be refunded if an individual chooses to withdraw their membership as per the following policy:

-    Full refund before Rookie week starts.

      (Less $100 administration fee and the cost for swim suit, cap and T-shirt per swimmer.)

-    50% refund at the end of Rookie week.

-    No refund from June 1, 2017 until the end of the swim season.

Refund for medical reasons:

Stony Plain Sharks Swim Club may, at the discretion of the Executive refund swim fees in part up to June 15, 2017 but not beyond (less $100 administration fee)