Membership Information

1. Please download and print a copy of the USA registration
- if your swimmer is already at a club and is looking to transfer to Paseo Aquatics you just need to fill out this transfer "form" here.

2. Please bring your filled out copy of your athletes USA registration form and Birth Certificate or your team transfer form on the day of their eval.

3. Please select a "date" and time for your swimmer's eval that will be held at 27650 Dickason Ave -The Paseo Club

4. At the Eval your athlete will be asked to perform a few swim sets so we can properly assign them to a group. Please bring a suit and goggles for this eval.

5. After the eval, your coach will let you know what group you athlete will fall into. Then on the deck, you will speak to the admin who will go over the tuition and get you signed up and registered on Paseo Aquatics Team Unify Website. Then you are complete.

- if you want to talk to talk it over with your family you can take some of our literature with you but please call within 48 hours to (661) 388-5301 to let us know your intentions as lanes full up quickly on a first come first serve basis. And it's our policy to never overcrowd the lanes so we strictly limit them.

6. Upon signing up you will receive a Paseo Aquatics training cap. We like to enforce our team color policy. On our web site, you can navigate to the group you athlete is assigned and you will find a list of training requirements for that practice group. (ie- kick board, snorkel, paddles ...)

7. Our official New Season begins the first week of September. However, we run a 2.5 week "Group Trials" session starting the third week of August that runs right up to the official start date. However, the "Group Trials" start session is when all swimmers are required to enter the water.
- if the swimmer has not completed the registration and their information is not on file With USA Swimming they are not permitted to enter the water.

8. Ordering customized caps and paseo aquatics suits is simple and easy. We will either have a day where "Conejo Swim Works is on our deck or we will make special arrangement to block off a few hours at their store to go in for a team fitting. Debra is who you would contact at [email protected]

9. Any questions please call Paseo Aquatics at 661 388 5301 and leave a message in Coach Chris' mailbox.