Membership Information


How To Join

1.  Email us for an evaluation at

2.  Set an appointment for evaluation

3.  Show up to the pool deck with goggles and a suit.

4.  After the evaluation coach will tell you which Speed group to register for.

5.  Go to our website and click the ONLINE REGISTRATION button

Beginner swimmers must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke before joining the team.

Experienced swimmers will be given a try-out  to see appropriate Speed group.

Registration Info

Our Speed Aquatics season is consistent with the USA Swimming season.  September to August.  Swimmers can register year around.

All Speed Aquatics members must be members of USA Swimming and we handle membership electronically.  USA Swimming membership is $68 (included in your Annual Registration fee upon registering).

Speed members have the option to swim 2x, 3x or 4x (5th day free) per week for Speed Groups I, II, III.