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Join Our Club - Age Group


Attention! We are currently on a waitlist only for joining the club. Please contact Cheryl Kasa *before* showing up to tryout!  

Contact Cheryl for information on private lessons as well (details below).


Tryouts are held at 7:15PM Monday and Wednesday only .

Please email Cheryl Kasa, Registrar, to setup a tryout:

Viking Aquatics is a year-round competitive swim team, but you can join at any time. In order to join, your swimmer will have to complete a tryout with one of our coaches. Tryouts are held at 7:15PM Monday and Wednesday only. All tryouts and practices are held at Long Beach City College.

When you arrive at the tryout age-group, swimmers will need to bring:

1. Goggles and Swim Cap (for hair past ears and eyes)
2. A completed Viking Aquatics Tryout Form (print and complete).
3. A copy of your child's birth certificate (for USA Swimming registration).
4. First month's dues (see below).

After the tryout, and your child is assigned to a group:

  • You will register on the website: "Account & Member Registration" link on the main page to begin the online registration process.
  • Annual USA Swimming and Team Registration$100 - paid online [#see note below]
  • First Month's Dues (see below for group fees)- please bring a check - for the 1st month only - all billing autopay (credit/ACH) after the first month.
    • Child begins swimming 1st-15th - full fees due
    • Child begins swimming 16th-31st - 1/2 fees due
    • This is the ONLY prorate offered; there are NO other prorate arrangements.

# - NOTE: After registering with Viking Aquatics, any future suspension of membership will incur a new $100 administration fee for each re-instatement. 

Program Fees

Learn-To-Swim - $60/mo
White/Gray Groups -$70/mo

Blue Group - $80/mo
Competition Group = $100/mo
* - Additional swimmers/family are $10 less/month. *Unless 1 child is in Learn to Swim.
Private Lessons - $30/30 min.; 4 lessons/$100; $50/lesson with video analysis; offered M-Th at 4 and 4:30 - contact Cheryl Kasa for scheduling. 



Registrar, Tryouts and Private Lessons: Cheryl Kasa 

Team and Group Administration:

Head Coach: David Kasa
Phone: (714) 337-8767

President/Admin: Chris Oeding

Meet Registration:

Team Admin.: Peter Knapp