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The Fresno Dolphins Swim Team is a USA Swimming affiliated age group and senior swimming team based in Fresno, California. Most of the information at this web site pertains to the Dolphins. If you have questions about our team, please call (559) 448-7676 or email rickklatt@gmail.com .
The Fresno Dolphins Swim Team is a full-spectrum age group and senior swimming team, affiliated with USA Swimming, Inc. We provide facilities and programs which encourage young people to reach their full potential in competitive swimming and water polo. There is a place within the structure of our team for young people of all ability levels; from the beginning swimmer who can barely swim one length of the pool, to the collegiate swimmer with Olympic aspirations. We guard against the "too much, too soon" syndrome. We strive to develop swimmers in a graduated system which encourages consistent improvement from their elementary school through collegiate years. Swimmers are placed in groups after our coaching staff evaluates their age, skills, and level of commitment. As these factors change, swimmers progress through the program. There is a gradual increase in time and effort required as each swimmer grows toward their full potential. We want all our swimmers to experience the joy of collegiate swimming. With this in mind, we set a sure, steady course, and encourage our swimmers to follow it. We are affiliated with USA Swimming, Inc. For insurance purposes, each team member must register yearly with USA Swimming. The current fee is $77.00.

Rick Klatt (Owner & Head Coach) – rickklatt@gmail.com, 448-7676

Physical Address:
Bullard High School
5445 N Palm Ave
Fresno, CA  93704
Phone: 559-448-7676
Email: rickklatt@gmail.com

Mailing Address:
Fresno Dolphins Swim Team
758 W Enterprise Ave
Clovis, CA  93619

Board Members of the Fresno Dolphins Swim Team Booster Club:

Rick Klatt (Owner & Head Coach) – rickklatt@gmail.com, 448-7676

Richard Diaz (Member) - rd57rd64@yahoo.com, 673-7727

Suzy de Souza, (Member) - suzymds@yahoo.com, 349-0469

Tom Overstreet (Vice-President) – tomoverstreet@comcast.net, 779-4855

Alec Jamison (President) – alecntrisha@comcast.net, 706-0523

Trish Wright (Secretary/fundraising/marketing) - rightswim@sbcglobal.net, 905-8560


Fees Schedule

Mini Dolphins $47.00 per month


$56.00 per month


$80.00 per month


$103.00 per month


$110.00 per month

Elite High Performance

$133.00 per month

Payment Policy

For families with two children, the second child’s dues are 80% of that swimmer’s group rate.  For families with three children, the third child’s dues are 70% of that swimmer’s group rate.  Membership is assumed to be continuous and fees are due and payable on the 1st of each month.  All fees are based on a 12-month schedule.  Individual cases of extended illness or hardship must be brought to the attention of the Head Coach. Your first month’s dues and USA Swimming registration must be paid by check when submitting your membership application. We will email you a temporary password to your member account on our team website so you can set up credit card payment for subsequent months.

All families must have a VISA or MasterCard connected to their account. If you wish to pre-pay your monthly dues by check, you may do so by the 25th of the current month for the next month’s dues. You may postdate your check for the first of the next month if you wish. If you have not pre-paid by the 25th, your credit card will be automatically charged for dues on the first of the month. If your credit card fails and your account is delinquent for more than 15 days, your swimmer will not be allowed to participate until you have paid the past due amount. You will incur a late fee of $10.00 on the 5th day of each month if you have not either paid by check by the 25th of the previous month or had a successful credit card transaction on the first day of each month.

The United States Swimming registration fee is currently $77.00 per year per athlete. This fee is due and payable when first applying for membership with the team and then is renewable each fall. Registration includes membership with U.S.A. Swimming. This membership provides liability and secondary medical insurance. The swimmer must be registered yearly. USA Swimming offers a highly discounted annual registration fee for athletes who are eligible and currently participating in the national school lunch program. You must show verification of participation.

A $50.00 re-registration fee will be charged upon return from membership withdrawal within 3 months.

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