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Contact Us in order to set up a Try Out!
The test consists of 25 yards, or one pool length, of freestyle and backstroke. The swimmer would only need to be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle to make it into our groups. For those with fear to enter the water, depth of the pool and/or difficulty to cover the one length of the pool we can suggest some private lessons to start. Please mention in your email your child's age and background in swimming if any.


For All New TRY-OUT swimmers! The City of San Ramon requires a liability form that needs to be downloaded, printed, filled out, and handed in to us before the swimmer can enter for the water. Please click the link to choose your form for either a MINOR or ADULT.


After coming to the pool for the swim test and talking to our coaching staff you have determined that  ElitSwim is the right place for your swimmer. Welcome to the team!!
Please visit our Registration page to choose your location and start your registration for our classes.


ElitSwim Code of Conduct

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