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REVIEW I From Roy Pinchot

Dear Coach Warner:

I wanted to write you this note as someone who captained Northwestern’s swim team (distance freestyle) and has been active as participant and student of technique and coaching over many decades. I have just reread your fabulous "Four Champions" book for the third time and find it even more compelling than when I first read it many years ago. I have collected all the books written on swimming, and yours is the only one that relives the feelings, emotions and PAIN that goes with distance training and racing…and, how one becomes addicted to that pain and the drive to “push through.”

I read that Michael Phelps was training at sometimes 12 miles a day and raced timed 5,000 and 3,000 meter sets. Multiplied out this would be somewhat comparable to what your four swimmers were doing back in the 1970s – assuming that he was doing this every day and all the time. Do you think Phelps and Bowman have brought American swimming back to the old days of pain and distance and that the payoff has been similar? Also interesting is that I cannot find any breakdown or description of Bowman’s training regimen for Phelps. Do you know of anything that has been published? The recent promo book by Sports Illustrated on Phelps contains some fascinating nuggets, but I have found nothing else.

Again, congratulations on having written the BEST BOOK on swimming done so far. You are the FIFTH champion.