Membership Information

Denver Tritons Swimming & Diving
c/o D.Ray Craft
2310 Kenton Street
Aurora, CO 80010


Registration for Swimmers:

  1. Each swimmer is required to register with USA Swimming. Forms are available at any location.
  2. Online registration $225 annaul fee (include USA Swimming fees) due at your first practice.

Registration for Divers:

  1. Each diver is required to register online with USA Diving at the Competitive Blue Membership level.
  2. While filling out your USA Diving registration you will be asked to select your association, from the drop-down menu select the Rocky Mountain option.
  3. Once you have completed the USA Diving registration process, print a copy of the registration confirmation and bring it with $225 to practice at Manual H.S. only.

For those who are participating in both swimming and diving you will need to complete both registration processes listed above, but you will only be required to pay the USA Diving registration fee online and bring your $225 team registration fee to practice.