Membership Information
The Front Range Barracudas are a year-round, USA Swimming sanctioned, competitive swim team.  We proudly serve the communities of Broomfield, Thornton, Westminster, Northglenn, Brighton, Etc... Our experienced, professional coaching staff provides each swimmer with precise stroke technique instruction, speed and endurance training for all ages and ability levels. The Front Range Barracuda Swim Club believes in a fun, friendly, and positive environment emphasizing technique for the long-range success of the swimmer. Swimmers are assigned to groups depending upon age, skill and swimming goals; our range in ability is beginners to nationally ranked swimmers.
New swimmers interested in the CUDA program may try out the club for two weeks free without any obligation. 



 Welcome to the Front Range Barracudas Swim Club!

Thank you for considering our club, a USA Swimming age group program for young athletes development and growth. 
The Front Range Barracudas Swim Club is a non-profit organization offering competitive swimming for the beginner through national level athlete. Our club has been successful for over 30 years in local, regional, and national competitions. We enjoy a membership of over 180 swimmers of all levels and abilities and are excited about our continued expansion.
We believe the greatest benefit of participating in the CUDA program is the life skills your swimmer will develop. These skills include self-discipline, time management, sportsmanship, nutrition, and many others. Many of our swimmers have gone on to be very successful in life using skills they gained from their time spent at the Front Range Barracuda Swim Club.
The Front Range Barracudas Coaching Staff and Board of Directors are dedicated to the success and improvement of our team as a whole and of each individual swimmer. We are confident that you will enjoy the CUDA team and each swimmer will be developed to their fullest potential in the sport and in their life long endeavors.
Enjoy and swim fast,
Andrew Brand                                                             
Head Coach
Front Range Barracudas Swim Club  

Registration Process
Step One: Please email  to arrange a time to meet with a coach for a tryout. Following the tryout, the CUDAs offer a free two-week trial to any swimmer interested in joining the team.
Step TwoAfter completion of your free 2 weeks, please visit our online registration to complete your registration with the team.  At this time you will be entered into the Front Range Barracuda membership database with full access to your own team account.  You will receive begin receiving team email.  For ease of accounting we require that you sign up to pay for meets and dues by credit card or automatic checking withdrawal.  For any billing questions, contact at
Review the web site for more information on practice group descriptions, equipment order forms, and other contact information. It will be helpful to download and print these materials for your future reference. Listed below is a brief description of each of these documents to help you find answers to your questions more quickly.  The website also will help you find the practice schedules and meet dates.
Group Descriptions: (Located under Club info tab) This document describes the goals and expectations of each swimming group at CUDA. Included in this description are the groups practice and meet expectations, equipment requirements, and move up expectations.
Practice Schedules: (Located under the Schedule tab).  We use two pools during the year. Please pay attention to the pool location of your child’s group and practice times. 
Meet/Event Schedules plus Entry Forms: We have three different competition levels at CUDA; Novice/Inexperienced Swimmers, Developed Age Group/State Swimmers, and Regional/National Swimmers. There are many meets throughout the year that are offered to these groups. In each meet description, we list the groups eligible to compete in the meet. Some meets have qualifying time standards and are for swimmers that have achieved those standards. Please download the meet schedule posted on the website and plan for the swim meets you wish to attend. Remember, when in doubt ask your coach.
Equipment/Apparel Order Forms:  For meets we would like all of our athletes to wear our team racing suit, which is black. Our team colors are red & black. The team equipment order form is available for download under the Parents on the web site. MI Sports in Loveland and Denver is the Team Store and is there to help each family with all their ordering needs.  They will ship items directly to you or to the club. You can reach Kristi at 1-800-693-3539.
Step Three: Our main team communication is through our website and emails. The website is regularly updated with general information such as schedule changes, meet information, and any other important information. Weekly updates are typically sent via email or posted under current news on the website. You will also be given a password to log in to the website. This will allow you to update your membership information, and more. You will also be able to commit to meets under the “Events” tab and special team functions under the "Team Functions" tab. This will allow the coaching staff to see who is attending the upcoming swim meets and/or special events. After committing to a meet, coaches will select events best suitable for your swimmer. After the final review of meet events, you are financially committed to pay for the meet as you swimmer has now been entered. Families have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer at CUDA hosted swim meets, and much more from the website.
Cuda Membership Financial Information
CUDA remits directly to Colorado Swimming for each swimmer and is renewed each year.
Front Range Barracuda Swim Club ABBREVIATION OR CODE IS CUDA
ADMINSTRATIVE FEE  - Annual fee: $30.00
This fee is assessed yearly to the Cuda families to offset costs incurred for the administrative costs of the website.  This fee will be billed in Sept. of each year or when joining the team. There is a 3rd swimmer discount of $10 only.

Service Hour Commitment

Short Course Service Hour Obligation

Developmental 5
Advanced Developmental, Red, Silver 10
White, Gray, Black, Senior, Elite Prep, Elite 15
Female High School 6

Long Course Service Hour Obligation

Developmental 4
Advanced Developmental, Red, Silver 8
White, Gray, Black, Senior, Elite Prep, Elite 12
Male High School 6

Families with multiple swimmers or swimmers at different locations will only have an overall family requirement which will be determined by you highest level of swimmer.

Championship Meet Service Hour Obligation:  Families that have a swimmer(s) attending any championship meet will be required to time, regardless of whether or not their service hour obligation for the season has been met.  Any hours served at these meets will count toward the service hour obligation for that season.  Championship meets include but are not limited to:  Districts, Silver State, State, Far Westerns, Zones and All-Stars.

In the event that families are unable to fulfill the service hours they will be charged $50 per hour for any service hour balance.

* Families may choose to pay out the service obligation for a season at a rate of  $50 per hour. 

- For the Short Course season the fees are as follows:  $250 for Developmental, $500 for Advanced Developmental, Red and Silver, $300 for High School and $750 for White, Gray, Black, Senior, Elite Prep and Elite. 

- For the Long Course season the fees are as follows:  $200 for Developmental, $400 for Advanced Developmental, Red and Silver, $300 for High School and $600 for White, Gray, Black, Senior, Elite Prep and Elite. 

If a family opts to pay out rather than serve, the amount must be paid, in full, at the beginning of the season with other registration fees.  This amount is non-refundable with the exception of a doctor’s note explaining the inability of the swimmer to take part in the sport of swimming.  Families are strongly encouraged to complete all service hours rather than pay out service hours. ALL families with a swimmer(s) attending Championship meets will be required to timeregardless if service hour obligation has been met or if service hour pay-out occurred at the beginning of the season.  Our organization is required to supply timers at these meets.  Colorado Swimming is the organization that assigns each team their timer assignments.  We will be assigning timers for these meets from the families with swimmers attending the meet

** Service Hours will not be prorated for families who choose to leave the swim team prior to the end of a season.  Families who leave before the end of a season will have the option of paying out the remaining balance of service hours based on the pay structure previously stated or they may continue to serve at meets until the end of the season.

Fundraising Commitment Fee

Each Cuda family with a registered swimmer is responsible for meeting the fundraising commitment of $50 for Short Course season (SC) and $50 for Long Course season (LC) or a total of $100 for the entire Swim Year.  The amount of $50 is billed upfront together with registration fees at the start of each the Short and Long Course Season any credit accumulated from the previous season will be applied to the swimmers current account balance, if your swimmer continues to the next season.

Each swim family is able to credit any amount through any combination of King Soopers Grocery cards, Advertising (paid for by the family or by a corporate sponsor) and other various fundraisers EXCEPT the Annual Team CUDA Swim-a-Thon. Please refer to the Fundraising Policy under the Parents tab.   

Dues rate starting
SEASON DUES (GROUP RATE) - 11 month billing cycle
Rate and Group   
$ 59.00 monthly - Developmental
$ 68.00 monthly -  Advanced Developmental
$ 76.00 monthly - Red
$ 88.00 monthly - Silver
$ 111.00 monthly - White
$117.00 monthly - Gray
$ 123.00 monthly - Black
$ 111.00  monthly - Senior
$ 123.00 monthly - Elite PREP 
$ 152.00 monthly - Cuda Elite
1st    Swimmer -  Highest Group -  Pay 100%

2nd   Swimmer - Next Highest Group - Pay 100%                                                  

3rd   Swimmer - Next Highest Group - Pay 85%


HIGH SCHOOL SWIMMERS - $60.00/month during high school season

Girls (November - January)

Boys (March - May)

DUES AND MEET FEE PAYMENT POLICY: All dues and meet fees are billed on the 1st of the month.
Non-payment of all dues/fees past the 1st day of the following month will necessitate non-participation for the swimmer(s) in practice and all meets until payment is made.
Late Fee: If dues are not paid by the 1st (check, CC, ACH), a $15 late fee will be assessed and the swimmer(s) will not be allowed to practice.


Upon joining the team, you should obtain a CUDA swim cap from your swimmers coach for $15. Each group uses different training aids during practice. The team provides kickboards, pull buoys, and and other training aids. Each swimmer should have goggles and a proper practice suit.

(Please click on 'Group Descriptions' under the [Club Info] tab for a detailed list of equipment used for each group.)


TEAM STORE, Suits, Apparel, Equipment, and more!


The Team Store Representative is Kristi at MI Sports 1-800-693-3539. Kristi will help you order your CUDA suits, goggles, jackets, parkas, bags, equipment, etc. The team order form is available for download under the Parents tab on the team website.


We use MI to order all of the teams aquatic needs throughout the year. You can view their website at During CUDA hosted meets and registration, MI sets up their swim shop and gives our swimmers the opportunity to purchase items. 


Swimmers are free to wear whatever brand they choose in practice, but we require a team black suit for competitions other than pizza meets. We also recommend that CUDA swimmers purchase a Speedo bag or backpack to keep your gear in one place. These items are available at MI Sports.