Membership Information
To Join Crimson Tide Aquatics:  

We are located at the University Aquatic Center on the corner of Hackberry and Bryant.

Competitive Swimming is a year round sport.  September is the start of the new swimming year.  However, a swimmer can join our team at ANY time of the year!

Parents and prospective swimmers are welcome to observe a practice.  Simply come on deck of the 50 meter pool from 5:30-6:30 on any Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday weeknight .  You may speak to a coach after practice finishes.  

Prospective swimmers can "try out" for the team on any Tuesday or Thursday, or at 7pm.  Please ask to be brought to a CTA Coach on the pool deck when you arrive at the Aquatics center.  They will observe your swimming ability and place you in an appropriate training group.  Bring your suit, towel and goggles.  

If you have further questions about joining our team please contact us .

See you at the pool!!!!