Membership Information

Two week free trial!

Your child can try SFST for free for 2 weeks to see if they like it. The first week of the free trial will just be kids doing the free trial. This week swimmers will focus on an introduction to what SFST is, evaluate the current levels of everyone, and show what the kids do at practice. Week 2 will be with the other team members in the practice group we think your child would fit into best. At the end of your 2 weeks one of our coaches will let you know how the trial went and how to register fully with the team. 

Summer two week free Trial Information
Our summer season will be beginning the first week of April. We will be having two evaluation nights in March. On these evaluation nights your child will be evaluated by one of our coaches. Once your child has been evaluated the coach will place them in a group that they feel they will fit best in. Your child will then begin the two week free trial with their group the following week. Our March evaluation nights will take place on Tuesday, March 27th and Wednesday, March 28th. All evaluations will take place at the Midco Aquatic Center

1601 S Western Ave. 

To sign up for the March evaluation nights please click here .

Can't make it to our March evaluation night? We will be having our next two week trial May 21st - June 1st. Sign up for that trial period will be posted soon.


Please also register your swimmer in our system.  To do that, click Meets/Events at the top of this page, find NEW Swimmer Registration and click Register Online.  The system will walk you through what is needed.   Please complete this registration prior to your first date in the pool.


If you have any questions regarding the try-outs, please contact one of the following coaches:

Coach Lindsie,
Coach Kyle,
Coach Brooke,

Swim Season Breakdown : Since Sioux Falls Swim Team is a year round competitive team, our swim seasons are divided into 3 sessions for each calendar year.  The 3 sessions are:  Fall, Winter & Summer. 

·     The Fall and Winter sessions consist of the Short Course/Indoor Season over 6 months which means that all training and racing are done indoors in a “short course” pool. A short course pool is a 25 yard pool (also known as SCY Pool) or a 25 meter pool (also known as a SCM Pool).


·     The Summer session consists of the Long Course/Outdoor Season over 4 months which means that most of the training and racing are done outdoors in a “long course” pool. A long course pool is a 50 meter pool (also known as a LCM Pool). 

Fees for each session are billed  month billing cycle through the SFST website (Please see payment schedule listed below). The first month of a session is due prior to the start of each session.  A swimmer enrolled in any session (Fall/Winter or Summer) understands the session fee, in its entirety, is due and payable to Sioux Falls Swim Team.  We have a 30 day termination form available under Parent Resources.  



Monthly Fee

Red 1, Red 2, Red 3


White 1


White 2, White 3


Blue 1, Blue 2







For Group Descriptions, Please Click HERE


For Group Training Time/Locations, Please Click HERE

 **All Swimmers (with the exception of the Splash Program swimmers) are required to also pay for their USA Swimming Registration Fee. This fee is billed annually the first month of the Fall Session. All new members will be billed this fee the first month of their billing cycle. The USA Swimming Fee for 2017 is $61.00; price is set by USA Swimming and subject to change.**


What If My Swimmer Joins Part Way Through A Session?

If you join the Sioux Falls Swim Team after a session has started, the financial commitments will be as follows:

1. USA Swimming Fees - must be paid in full when your swimmer registers.

2. All Returning Members - Full session fees are due upon registration.

3. All New Members – Session fees will be prorated from the date of registration.


Multiple Swimmer Family Discounts:

Families with multiple swimmers will receive a discount of 50%, for the third swimmer and each additional swimmer thereafter. The discount will apply to the lowest session fees charged to the family.



Scholarships are available to assist families with session fees. For scholarship information, please contact the Treasurer through the website by clicking HERE.

For a printable copy of the Scholarship Application Form, please click HERE.


Sioux Falls swim team Session Payment Schedule:

Fall/Winter (Indoor) Session:

Billing Dates:                    Payment Due:

September 1st                       September 15th

October 1st                           October 15th

November 1st                        November 15th

December 1st                          December 15th

January 1st                              January 15th

February 1st                            February 15th

** March will be billed Monthly for Swimmers Qualified for Championship Swim Meets during the Month! **

Summer (Outdoor) Session:

Billing Dates:                     Payment Due:

April 1st                                      April  15th

May 1st                                   May 15th

June 1st                                   June 15th

July 1st                                     July 15th 


Fundraising Commitment :   

Please click HERE for more information on the Fundraising commitment.


Volunteer Commitment:

Please click HERE for more information on the Volunteer commitment.