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The Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club is a Tallahassee Parks and Recreation Department sponsored year-round competitive swimming program sanctioned through United States Swimming (USS), the national governing body for competitive swimming. The program has been in existence since 1966, first as the Tallahassee Swim Team (TST) and since 1979, the Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club (ATAC).

ATAC’s philosophy has always been to offer a "Balanced, Total Program Offering" emphasizing Successful Experiences at all levels. Offering competitive swimming from 5 years old through a national senior level program, as well as a Challenger program for swimmers with special needs, provides the Total program package. The Balance that is critical to a successful program is insuring that every ability level receives the necessary skill development and professional coaching necessary to allow swimmers to advance at their pace through the different ability groups established. The ATAC coaching staff is schooled in following this philosophy/mission as well as espousing the concept that on a daily basis every swimmer experiences some type of successful moment while at the pool. This basic interpretation of success is what young swimmers bring with them to the team and is the definition we encourage and promote on a daily basis.

The Head Coach of the program is Terry Maul who has over 40 years of professional coaching experience and is a "Level 5" certified competitive swimming coach, which is the most advanced certification through the American Swim Coaches Association. Coach Maul has a diverse staff to provide for the needs of the swimmers at each stage of their development. The ATAC Parent Booster Organization, of which all registered swimmer’s parents are members, provides support for the program from organizing and conducting all local competitions, providing team incentive programs, socials and fundraising efforts to supporting coaches’ travel to meets, as well as purchasing any specific equipment needs that may arise. It is also serves as a primary source of information for parents in understanding all the different facets of the program. We encourage all parents to be a part of this organization whether timing at meets, serving on a committee, or just answering the call when help is needed in support of ATAC. The philosophy of the program is that it is a family affair and parent participation and communication is encouraged and always welcome.

ATAC offers a variety of "choices" and opportunities for its participants. Over the years swimmers have participated from 5 years old through their collegiate years. Swimming is truly a lifetime experience that will always provide the opportunity to either compete in as a sport or participate as a wellness program at some point in an individual‘s life.

Not all participants are ready or want to make their competitive experience a year-round commitment however, so ATAC offers a seasonal "league" format for those that want to try out competitive swimming over a 10 week season. Participation in the seasonal leagues focuses primarily on proper stroke instruction to introduce swimmers to proper technique first, which leads to maximizing their abilities to swim fast. It has to be done correctly before quickly. Each League season has opportunities for swimmers to compete locally through League and Developmental Swim Meets, which are crucial for both the swimmers and coaches to evaluate progress. As the season progresses we would like for you to mark on your calendars when these competitions are scheduled and encourage you to plan to participate in them.

As a new family, the coaching staff and Boosters will do everything possible to keep you informed on events and activities. As with any new experience, however, learning the ropes may be confusing at times. Please be patient with this and over the course of your child’s involvement I’m sure we (Boosters and coaches) will be able to answer any questions you might have. If you would like to talk with a coach while you’re at the pool please arrange to do this after the coach has completed his/her practices as a courtesy to the swimmers.

Realizing competitive swimming has been a "Lifetime" sport/experience for so many young people over the years; we also promote, provide, and encourage our participants to embrace the lifetime benefits that are derived from sport other than competition. Teamwork, respect for others, self-discipline, goal setting, time management, and responsibility are only a few examples of the benefits of a quality sports experience. It is our hope and Goal that we can provide this Total program offering for your child through their participation in the ATAC program.

In closing, in the event you decide to JOIN ATAC we hope you and your swimmer will have as many successful experiences as possible and that competitive swimming may become your child’s sport of choice for the future.

Fees & Billings

ATAC is administered by The City of Tallahassee's Parks and Recreation Department in cooperation with Performance Enhancement Enterprises, Inc. The ATAC fee structure is approved by the City and billing is done through Performance Enhancement Enterprises.

* Fees for the year round program are billed quarterly.

* Fees for the seasonal leagues are due at the time of registration.

* There is a $25 registration fee for year-round swimming

ATAC is a year round program and the billing is divided into quarters. Although there may not be practice held during certain weeks, such as holidays and public school spring break, the pool will be made available for team members use.

Participants are expected to pay for the entire quarter through either a quarterly billing process or a monthly automatic bank draft. Participation is not pro-rated and there are no refunds. The quarters are as follows:

Season Months
Spring March, April, May
Winter December, January, February
Summer June, July, August
Fall September, October, November

Payment Procedures:

On the first of each month, Performance Enhancement Enterprises will send a bill for the quarterly fees for those selecting that payment option.

Quarterly fees are due by the 15th of the first month of the quarter. Unpaid fees that are 30 days overdue will be assessed a 20 % late fee for every 30 days they are overdue.

For those selecting the monthly automatic bank draft option, the fees will be drafted by Performance Enhancement Enterprises between the 1st and the 5th of the month. A receipt will not be sent, however, the draft amount will appear on your monthly bank statement.

Parents MUST notify the head coach, Terry Maul, 10 days prior to the beginning of a quarterly billing or monthly draft if a swimmer will no longer be participating in the program.

Fees are structured according to ATAC training groups.

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