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Team Membership Information 2020-2021 Season

Information about the Bolles Sharks Programs, Costs, Commitments, and Policies can be found in the 2020-2021Team Handbook at the link below.

Registration for the 2020-2021 Season will open on August 1st.

2019-2020 Team Handbook

You will find information regarding Team Fees and registration fees here: 

Annual Financial Commitment

To determine the best suited roster for your Age Group swimmer, please come to the Swim Office at The Bolles School, Monday - Thursday, anytime between 4-7pm (no appointment necessary) and one of our coaches will do a very quick -in the pool- evaluation of your swimmer.


In keeping with our philosophy of providing a well-rounded, quality, competitive swimming program for athletes of all ages and abilities, The Bolles School Sharks offer progressive levels of professional coaching.

AGE GROUP These groups provides training for 8th graders and younger.

     MAKOS Swimmers must be able to complete at least one 25-yard lap of freestyle (breathing to the side) and backstroke. The main emphasis of this group is teaching the fundamentals of the competitive strokes.  This consists of kicking, drilling, and streamline.

     TIGERS Swimmers must be able to swim freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke. Sharpening each stroke through drills and kicking, as well as training for the next level on starts, turns, and mental skills, will be emphasized.

     HAMMERHEADS This level concentrates on having the swimmers move from primary stroke and technique instruction to more emphasis on training.  Drill work and kicking will continue to make up a large portion of the practices; however, swimming sets will be added.  Goal setting will be introduced, and swimmers will be expected to be more accountable for their swimming progression.

     GREAT WHITES This group will take on a much more rigorous training role, while continuing to build upon the skills acquired at the Hammerhead level.  Practice times are longer in conjunction with higher yardage requirements.  The increases in physical demands require that swimmers regularly attend practice.  Swimmers will be expected to understand interval training and will learn how to train at different effort levels and speeds.  There will also be a greater emphasis on race strategies.

SENIORThis program provides training for swimmers in 9th grade and older.

     Bolles Students - this training group is reserved for Bolles School students who are also members of the Bolles School Sharks.

     Late Night – this group is offered to athletes who do not attend The Bolles School yet are members of the Sharks year-round team.

USA Swimming Inc. allows for any swimmer to try out a prospective team for two weeks before making a financial commitment.

Please click here to view our 2020-2021 Team Handbook  as a reference for more information on team fees, policies, and procedures. For questions please contact the Bolles School Swim Office at 904-256-5213.

USA Swimming Inc. is the governing body of competitive aquatics in the United States.  This organization provides our rules and regulations, sanctions, and insurance.