Membership Information


Swimmers of all levels are invited to join NFS.  Swimmers should know basic (freestyle and backstroke) strokes and be able to make it across the pool.

NFS operates based on the Swim Seasons.  You can expect instruction to coincide with the following:

  • Fall/Winter Short Course Season: September to April
  • Long Course Season: May to August
Costs Involved
  • Annual Registration Fee for the 2013-2014 Season is $95
    • Florida Swimming annual registration (required for insurance purposes)
    • 1 NFS latex cap
    • 1 NFS team T-shirt
  • Monthly Coaching Fees: You may choose quarterly billing of your coaching fees or pay monthly. Fees are based on the swimmer's skill / level of committment. See Swim Groups below for more informationý

  • Equipment: kick board, fins, and Speedo biofuse are required for green 2, 3, silver and senior groups. You may purchase from our Team Store, through Coach Erin: [email protected]
  • USA/Florida Swimming Registrations for new swimmers and transfer forms for swimmers that are joining from another USA Swim Team:

  • Outstanding Invoices: All fees must be up-to-date in order for a swimmer to be allowed to participate in a meet. There will be a $10 processing fee for each late notice. Swimmers will not be allowed in the water if they are not paid in full by the second Monday of each month.

  • Swim meets: USA sanctioned meets have entry fees of $10 facility fee + $5-$12/event.  You are only charged meet fees if you register for a meet. Meet fees are non-refundable. Commit or Decline your swimmer for a meet online.

Billing Info
  Fees are subject to change!

Yearly Registration Fee: $95.00 per swimmer - due Sept. 1 of each year
Family Commitment Fees: (due by November 1 each year) for Green, Silver and Senior only
One Swimmer - $200.00
Two or more Swimmers - $250.00
Quarter billing begins on Dec. 1, March 1, June 1 and Sept. 1. If you do not receive your Quarterly Invoice by the 10th of the month prior to the beginning of a new quarter, contact Coach Erin immediately at [email protected] Invoices which are not paid by the fifth day of the quarter, are assessed a $10.00 late fee, and the swimmer will not be allowed to practice until payment is made. A swimmer with a past due account will not be allowed to enter swim meets until their account is current. Any team member who practices for any portion of a quarter will be required to pay the full fees for that quarter. An exception to this are the prorated dues of new members joining in the middle of a billing quarter.

Cash, check, VISA or Mastercard, or ACH are accepted. Checks returned due to "Non-Sufficient Funds" or for any other reason, will result in a $35.00 fee. All checks are to be made out to North Florida Swimming. You will be sent an invoice via email. Please contact Coach Erin Crabtree for more information.

GROUP Monthly Quarterly
Red $60 $160
Blue $70 $190
Green $95 $265
Seniorý $100 $280
2nd & 3rd Swimmer $55 $165
4th Swimmer Free Free

USA Registration Fee (annual): $95.00 per swimmer
Family Commitment Fee (annual): $200 for 1 swimmer
ý $250 for 2+ swimmers

If parents or swimmers have questions please see Coach Mel before or after practice each day. 

Please send billing inquiries to Erin at: [email protected]