Membership Information

If you are interested in the Blue Dolfins, please contact us to set up a trial week. This is free and gives the new swimmers a chance to determine if the team is right for them.  It also gives the coaches a chance to determine the best training group. 

Swimming fees
Fees include pool rent, expenses, and coaching fees. Meet entry fees are assessed individually for each meet.

Monthly invoice will include a $10 team support fee per swimmer. This fee is used to cover coach travel, education, and training equipment.

Senior / National   $130 / month   Suggested 6-11 workouts /wk , 

Gold $120 / month   Suggested 6 workouts per week

Silver    $110 / month    Suggested 4 workouts per week  minimum

Bronze    $95 / month     Suggested 3 workouts per week minimum

Flippers - $75 per month - 2-3 days per week

Pre Flippers - 2 days per week. $50