Membership Information

Simply go to the pool (2701 Ridgewood Avenue, Sanford) and get swim tested prior to registering online.  The swim evaluation allows us to assess which group your child will be placed in.  You can be tested at the pool M-F at 5:00 PM by any of our coaches.

For information on our Age Group Levels and requirements, please CLICK HERE.

The next step is to complete the Online Registration button located on our web site. 

  • A new swimmer Registration Fee of $125 will be due to Seminole Aquatics at this time. This fee covers many administration costs associating with running a USA-Sanctioned swim team.  (Please see our Team Manual below for more information.)  This is a one-time fee unless the swimmer is suspended from our club for more than six months.
  • First month's dues/coaching fees will also be due at this time.  If you register after the 15th of the month, half of that month's fees will be credited to your Seminole Aquatics account.
    • Age Group 1:   $70 
    • Age Group 2:   $75 
    • Age Group 3:   $75   
    • Age Group 4:   $95  
    • Age Group 5:   $105  
    • Age Group SR: $135       
      • There is a $10 discount for each sibling.
  • Please read and understand the Seminole Aquatics Policies and Financial Requirements which will also be available during online registration.
  • If you are transferring from another team, you will need to fill out a transfer form and mail to Florida Swimming.
  • Our team uses Auto Pay which deducts monthly coaching fees and swim meet fees on the 1st of each month.  The credit card used during online registration will be saved and used for our Auto Pay.  If you want to use a different card for monthly deductions, you can change your Auto Pay under My Account once logged in.

Parents:  Check out our TEAM MANUAL It has everything you would need to know about joining our swim programs.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.