Membership Information

How to Join the Team

Send an email to the Head Coach: requesting information and all pertinent forms to join the team. Complete all forms and come to the pool in a bathing suit for Assessment and Placement. Swimmers will then be given a provisional practice level placement until their stamina level is determined at practice. 

Assessment & Placement within the Program: The process of assigning swimmers to a certain group always proves to be one of the most difficult things a coach must do. The first several weeks of practice, we ask you to have patience with the process as the swimmers are moved around in the groups as coaches are learning about each swimmer's skills, abilities, and at the same time balancing the groups. Placement decisions are based on a number of factors: stroke skills, stamina, training acumen, attendance, maturity, lane space, etc. Swimmers and parents must understand that we realize there is a social aspect; the desire to be with friends, the competition and a multitude of other factors that might come into play. Every effort is made to accommodate personal wishes where possible but please remember that we have limited lane space, coaching resources and to be effective we have to control the lane numbers and that every practice level has a standard that must be met for it all to work well.

Generally speaking, swimmers are grouped according to stamina level and stroke skills. At the entry level for senior swimmers, age is probably an equal consideration if lane space allows it. It's important that the upper groups contain swimmers of similar ability for the sake of practice management.

Program Cost

$84.00 USA Swimming Annual Registration or $20.00 Flex Swim Membership

All swimmers must be registered in order to participate in the program.


Monthly Dues

$95 - Gold

$85 - Silver

$75 - Bronze

$50 - College & Masters


Silicone soft caps:

1st Boomers is cap free upon registration.  
Additional $10.00 per cap 

For more information on the Boomers, please use the Contact Us button. 

Camden County Boomers Swim Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 47007
Kings Bay, GA 31547