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TRSC Programs of Instruction

Three Rivers Swim Club (TRSC) offers short-term programs for Novice swimmers and year-round programs for Intermediate, Pre-Senior, and Senior swimmers.

The short-term programs for Novices are called the "TRSC Mini-Sessions." These stand-alone programs comprise nine hours of instruction spread out over several weeks. TRSC presents them periodically throughout the year. They are designed for young people ages 7 to 17 who can swim some already but who have had little formal training in the sport.  Participants learn the basics of good backstroke, freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, dives, turns and underwater work. To enroll, applicants must be able to swim twenty-five yards in some fashion without assistance.TRSC Mini-Sessions are fun, productive, and absolutely non-competitive.

The year-round programs for Intermediate, Pre-Seniors and Seniors together make up the "TRSC Regular Session." They serve swimmers ages 7 to 17 who have done one or two TRSC Mini-Sessions, who thus have a basic feel for all the essential skills of the sport of swimming, and who want to become, over a period of months and years, truly excellent swimmers. Participants in the Intermediate, Pre-Senior and Senior programs develop balance, endurance, power and speed in all the strokes. These non-stop programs prepare the swimmers who are interested in racing for USA Swimming competitions. Although the programs are offered year-round, one chooses to participate in them by the month. Many of TRSC's member swim most months out of the year.

TRSC Program Fees

Mini-Session (Short-Term, Nine Hours, Novice Level) Fees

  • Program fee (payable to TRSC): $95.00 per nine-hour introductory program.
  • Goggles fee (if needed, payable to TRSC): $15.00 for well-made, fitted goggles.

Regular Session (Long-Term, Month-by-Month, Intermediate to Senior) Fees

  • Annual fee: $125.00 (payable to TRSC). This is a required fee. Payment of it will get the swimmer jointly registered with USA Swimming, Georgia Swimming, and Three Rivers Swim Club through the end of the current calendar year. To continue to participate in TRSC's year-round Regular Session, the swimmer must be re-registered in late November or December for the upcoming year. Registrations submitted late in the year (September to December) are good through the end of the following year. TRSC adminstrators register the swimmer with USA Swimming; the swimmer need not interact with USA Swimming at all.
  • Monthly fee: $90.00 per month (payable to TRSC by the swimmer's first practice of the month). One pays only for the months of the year in which one's child swims. If one's child does not intend to swim in the upcoming month, one simply sends us an e-mail by the 15th of the preceding month to let us know. For practical reasons, monthly fees cannot be prorated: if a child swims at all during a month, one is charged the entire monthly fee. Monthly fees are subject to a sibling discount.
  • Equipment fees (payable to suppliers): Suits (about $30 );  Caps ($5);  Fins (about $20); Pull Buoy (about $10), Net Bag (about $10).    Goggles ($15-25) and stretch cord ($5) available on deck.
  • Meet fees (if one chooses to compete) : $4-$6 per event, typically 3-5 events per day at the races + $15 facility surcharge.

TRSC Payment Methods

Swimming families make their TRSC payments via credit card, auto-pay, check to TRSC post-office box (TRSC, P.O.1151, Rome, GA 30162), or check to TRSC wall box at the pool. When paying by check, kindly specify on the line provided exactly what the check is for.


How to Join a TRSC Program

If you would like to enroll a child in a TRSC program, please contact us first by email (click on the tab above marked Please Contact Me). Let us know what you are looking for, how old your child is, and what your child's swimming experience so far has involved. A TRSC coach will contact you to chat about your needs and possibly to arrange to watch your child in the water.

TRSC Registration Forms

Once you and the coach have determined the appropriate TRSC program for your child, and the starting dates of that program, you may select one of the following forms to print, fill out and send in.


Click here for Mini-Session and Regular Session Registration Forms