Membership Information

The fees involved in the Carpet Capital Aquatics Club are as follows:

1. Registration fee: Two of the big changes we made this year affected the annual registration cost.  The first change is that we are now offering two different registration options.  

The Flex Membership is for those swimmers who do not want to compete in meets or only want to compete on a limited basis.  Flex Members are limited to two USA Swimming competitions per year.  We recommend you attend the two meets CCAC hosts.  The Jingle Bell Classic in December and Mako-Mania in March. You can always upgrade (and pay the difference) later if you want to do more than two meets. The Flex Membership is $65 per swimmer per year.

The next change is we lowered the cost of our “Full Registration”.  Our Full Registration is for swimmers that want the option to compete in all of the meets that CCAC attends.  The new Full Registration fee is now $125 per swimmer per year.

2. Monthly fees: 

As many of you have noticed, we have added practice days for the Bronze and Silver Groups.  All groups now have the opportunity to practice 6 days a week.  We did this out of convenience for our families more than anything.  We have also adjusted pricing structures for each group based on a maximum of allowed practices.  We also added another pricing level to the Senior Group.  We have a pretty large group of swimmers that are competing at a National level.  We needed to adjust the cost for that group based on the time and travel it takes to support those swimmers.

Bronze Group 

Maximum of 2 practices per week - $65

Maximum of 4 practices per week - $95

Silver Group

Maximum of 6 practices per week - $105

Maximum of 3 practices per week - $80

Gold Group

Maximum of 6 practices per week - $115

Maximum of 3 practices per week - $90

Bullet Group

Maximum of 6 practices per week - $120

Senior Group

Unlimited practices – $130

Maximum of 3 practices per week - $95

High Performance (HP) Group

Unlimited practices - $150

Monthly fees cover the expenses of the club operations. Monthly statements will be emailed on the 1st of each month. These must be paid by the 10th of the month. If your account is still outstanding by the first of the following month, your swimmer(s) may be asked to leave the water, and will not be allowed to participate in practice, meets or travel trips. A place is reserved for your swimmer. You are committing to join the Carpet Capital Aquatics Club for one year. Should a swimmer decide to discontinue participation with the Carpet Capital Aquatics Club the treasurer must be notified in writing thirty days in advance. Any outstanding fees are considered an obligation to the Carpet Capital Aquatics Club and are payable upon termination of participation.

3. Meet fees: For each of the competitions your swimmer enters there will be fees for each event, including relays, in which they compete. Fees vary from meet to meet. These fees must be paid when entry form is submitted. Swimmers will not be entered without payment. A travel surcharge will be included on all meets not hosted by the Carpet Capital Aquatics Club. These fees help offset the costs of coaches travel to and from swim meets. Any meet within a 50 mile radius of Dalton High School will include a $10 per swimmer surcharge. Any meet beyond the 50 mile radius that does not require flying, will include a $15 per swimmer surcharge. Any meet that requires flying will include a $100 per swimmer surcharge. Any meet hosted by Carpet Capital Aquatics Club will include a $5 per swimmer surcharge.

4. Misc. fees/charges: There may be other fees/charges which can be accessed throughout the course of the year (i.e. travel trip expenses, meet fines, etc). You will be notified in advance what these fees are and what they are for.

Carpet Capital Aquatics Club
P.O. Box 6369
Dalton, Ga. 30722-6369

New swimmer try outs Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri – 5:30pm

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