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Dynamo Swim Club Programs

Competitive Team
Dynamo Swim Club offers training and competition for all levels of swimmers seeking individual development and team unity within a nationally recognized competitive swim program. Anyone interested in becoming a Dynamo swimmer is asked to attend a swim evaluation at one of our facilities. Group evaluations for new swimmers are scheduled in the Spring and Summer, while individual evaluations may be conducted at other times of the year.  Evaluation Schedule  During the evaluation, a  Dynamo staff member will observe the swimmer performing all four strokes, assign an appropriate group placement within the Dynamo program and discuss the registration process. If interested in joining at our Chamblee facility, please contact Coach Martha Wright or 770-457-7946 @ ext 115.  If interested in joining at our Alpharetta facility, please contact Coach Nancy Williams at 770-772-6007 @ ext. 211.


If interested in our new programming (swim team, swim lessons, lap swim) in the Decatur/Oakhurst area , please contact Lauren Jordan at lauren@dynamoswimclub.com.  


Swim School/Lessons
The Dynamo Swim School offers aquatic lessons for ages 6 months through adult.  For more information and to schedule lessons please visit the Dynamo Swim School website: www.dynamoswimschool.com.

Dynamo Juniors Program
The Dynamo Juniors Program offers quality swim instruction in a non-competitive environment. Your child has the option to participate 1x or 2x per week. All classes are based on a monthlu billing cycle that occurs at the 1st of each moth. All interested participants must attend an evaluation prior to registration. 

Home School Program
Dynamo offers a Home School Program at the Chamblee location.  This group focuses on technique and skill development and is designed for home school students who want to be involved in year-round swimming. Home School swimmers will be registered members of Dynamo and USA Swimming and will be eligible to swim in Dynamo swim meets. The group generally will practice daily in the 2pm-3pm time slot and may expand with demand. Home school swimmers are asked to attend an evaluation at one of the facilities and register through the website. Please contact Coach Martha Wright if you have any questions or need additional information  

An annual non-refundable registration fee of $250 (as of June 1, 2018) payable online through the Dynamo website is required for each swimmer, or as a rolling registration for returning swimmers on June 1 each year.  New swimmer registration will begin on June 10. The annual registration fee covers the cost of USA Swimming/Georgia Swimming Registration, a subscription to the informative “Splash” magazine, team t-shirts (not including the end of season championship t-shirts), as well as hospitality for our meet officials. This fee will also help offset home meet heat sheet costs as they will now be provided for free online.  Swimmers will not be allowed to begin practice until the registration fee is received. 

*Please note that when registering with Dynamo, you must select the option to have the credit card used for registration remain on file in order for your monthly invoices to be paid automatically.

Going forward after your initial registration, subsequent registrations will be charged to your account on the 1st of June annually and will constitute a ‘rolling registration’.



The swim year runs from August 1 to July 31 each year. The dues schedule is below:

Payment Schedule-Nine Monthly Payments 

No team billing charges will occur after 9 monthly payments have been received from a swimmer.  In the event a swimmer voluntarily opts to suspend membership at anytime prior to the receipt of 9 consecutive Team Dues installments, the swimmer remains financially responsible for the full 9 monthly Team Dues installments for that Season.  If a swimmer is moved to a practice group that is different from the one initially registered for prior to payment of the nine monthly installments, billing will be in the amount of the new group rate for each remaining month of the 9 monthly installments.  *The first of the 9 Team dues installments will be due August 1 and installments will continue to be due on the first of each month until nine monthly payments have been received or until July monthly billing, whichever may come first.

If a swimmer registers and begins swimming anytime between August 15 and December 31 Team Dues are considered paid after the receipt of 9 payment installments.

If a swimmer registers and begins swimming anytime after January 1, 2019, Team Dues must be paid each month beginning January and continue through July.

The first of 9 Team dues installments is due on August 1st and dues installments will continue to be due on the first of each month until nine monthly payments have been received or until July 1, whichever comes first.


Dynamo Group Structure (2018-2019 Season)


Group Name

9 Monthly Payments


Oakhurst Program 

Home School Division

All Age Group levels

Home School Green



Home School Gold



AG3 Division

Mostly 10 and Under

AG3 Green



AG3 Gold



AG2 Division

Mostly 11-12’s

AG2 Green



AG2 Gold



AG1 Division

Mostly 13-14’s

AG1 Green



AG1 Gold



Senior Division

High School + (Some 8th graders in spring)









Please carefully review your courtesy billing summary that is emailed to the primary email on your account on the 28th of each month to make sure you are aware of and prepared to pay the correct amount.  Non-recurring charges such as meet fees, cap fees, towel fees, or special t-shirt fees may be added to your recurring monthly dues and are due in full on the 1st of each month.  A $25 late fee is automatically billed to any account for which the total outstanding balance has not been received by mail at the Chamblee Dynamo Swim Center by  the 10th of each month.  For each meet a swimmer signs up to attend, a $3 fee to cover Dynamo’s administrative and club costs at each meet is charged to the swimmer’s account in addition to the host team's individual event charge fee and any surcharges per athlete. Because meet fees must be paid by Dynamo in advance, these fees will not be reversed if a swimmer fails to attend a meet for which s/he signed up to attend, regardless of reason (medical etc).


The total outstanding balance, which includes recurring charges of team dues and nonrecurring charges for meet fees, caps, etc., and any other financial obligations are due on the first day of each month. For improved efficiency and security in accounting, Dynamo billing is able only to accept payments for team dues and other team fees in the following ways:

      1. Online draft from Visa, Mastercard, or Discover payment card or ACH bank draft. (PREFERRED)

      2. Mail payments to the following:

        Dynamo Swim Club
        ATTN: Edie Wunderlich
        3119 Shallowford Rd. NE
        Chamblee GA 30341

       (allow 7-10 business days for your payment to be received and posted by Dynamo billing)

If the total outstanding balance on an account is not received by the 10th of each month, a $25 late fee will be assessed.  A $25 fee will also be assessed for all returned checks. 

If a swimmer leaves the program before the end of the fiscal year or after the 5th day of any month, there is no refund of monthly dues under any payment option.


Volunteerism is essential to the sport of swimming. To reach higher levels of competition, a swimmer has to participate in swim meets in order to test his or her skills and strategies, and these meets require many volunteers to function. At Dynamo, we are unique in that we own the pool & spectator space necessary to host 10-13 convenient home meets per year for the benefit of our swimmers and families. Staying at home for competition saves our members significant expenses associated with travel and also brings in revenue for the club that helps support a full-time coaching staff and helps maintain our exceptional practice facilities. 


The meets that Dynamo swimmers enjoy and need for improvement would not happen without the involvement of our parent volunteers. Together, they run the meets by filling job slots in areas timing, officiating/clerking, heat sheet sales, computer operator, concessions, and awards. In addition to working at meets, our parent volunteers also help our coaches (group parents), help fundraise (Swimathon volunteers), help manage meals/snacks (chaperones) when we do travel, and they fill other special jobs that arise throughout the year.


Since Dynamo's volunteer jobs benefit all families, it is expected that all families share in their fulfillment. Dynamo’s 24-hour per year (September – August) volunteer requirement ensures that all jobs will get done while also ensuring the equal distribution of work among all member families.


Volunteer sign-up is easy and convenient. After you receive an email notification that job signups for a meet are open, you simply sign into the Dynamo website and click on “Job Signup” next to the meet name. Next, click the box next to the job you want, click “Sign up,” and you will see your name appear in the job slot. It is understood that you will work the entire length of your session or find a replacement to complete your assignment as it is unfair to pull other members from the stands to finish a job they didn’t sign up to work.


Finally, Dynamo sometimes has the honor of hosting national level events with our partner Georgia Tech. During the 2018-19 year, we are scheduled to host the Arena Pro Series in March. We are proud of our strong tradition of providing opportunities for all levels of USA swimming, and we encourage all families to volunteer at these meets.  


By registering for the team, you agree to the volunteer terms as outlined above.

DISCOUNTS 2018-2019

*** Multi-Swimmer Discounts for families with more than one swimmer are applied from the most expensive swimmer to least expensive swimmer as follows:
•    2nd swimmer=10% off
•    3rd swimmer=20% off
•    4th swimmer=30% off
•    5th swimmer and above = free



     -Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in the Dynamo program if their financial obligations to the Club are more than 30-days delinquent, unless alternative arrangements have been made with the team billing coordinator.
      -Dynamo does not pro-rate monthly dues.  If a swimmer is registered and/or participates during the first 15 days of any month, the full monthly dues installment is required.  
      -A swimmer is not withdrawn from the program until both the coach and the billing department have received email notification of the departure 10 days prior to the next invoice posting date, which always falls on the 1st of the month.  Without this email notification being received by the billing dept, billing will not be stopped or refunded. Please do not rely on a coach to relay this type of information to the billing department; it is the member's responsibility to contact Brian Wrighton, who handles team billing, with a request to suspend a swimmer.
     -$25 Re-activation fee is posted to an account each time a swimmer's member status changes from "suspended" to "active" during the same season.