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If you are interested in joining Stingrays, contact the Location Coach at the location closest to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Stingrays Swimming (T4L)
803 Savona Way, Woodstock, GA 30189

LAPS Information:
(LAPS Director) 
(770-325-7292)    Ext 1

Stingrays Team Information & MVAC Location:
Pike Hightower 
(770-325-7292)  Ext 2

North Pool: Cherokee County Aquatics Center (CCAC):
Larry Baskin
(770-325-7292)  Ext 3

Head Coach & CAC Location:
Ian Goss
(770-325-7292)  Ext 4

Masters Coach at MVAC Location:
Michael Soderlund
(770-325-7292)  Ext 5

Lead Age Group Coach:
Mark Keaveney
(770-325-7292)  Ext 6

Billing Dept.

(770-325-7292)  Ext 0


The Stingrays offer our state of the art LAPS program for Elementary and Middle School children.  In LAPS, your child will receive a vigorous and athletic practice while getting some of the finest stroke technique and development in the Southeast. (Over 60 years of coaching on our Staff!) LAPS has, as its central mission, to make professional swimming instruction, structure and athletics accessible to most kids. We do this in 3 important ways:

1. We break the school year into 6-7 week sessions. (There will be 6-7 sessions throughout the year.) You are not committed to any more than the one that you are in.

2. This session approach allows for the freedom to do multiple activities without over-burdening the calendar or the checkbook. Play other sports? Great! You can create the schedule that can run concurrently with your sport OR participate in the off-season. Not sure how much you want to swim? No problem. The 6-weeks-at-a-time format makes trying it out very low risk. If you want more (and you will!), sign up for the next session and add more days.

3. Finally, your cost is determined by the number of days you select. There is no flat monthly rate that you will be locked into. If you want to swim 2x per week, you will pay less than if you want to swim 3x per week. Your commitment is your decision. As you get older and more context is developed, your coaches will guide you to the appropriate levels of commitment. 

If interested in joining our LAPS program at any location, please contact Coach Pike [email protected]. Or you can call our main line at 770-325-7292 Ext 1

Pre & Post High School Program
The Stingrays offers a quality program for pre-high School season and post High School season. The RAYS are Georgia’s finest swim program. Twice the American Swimming Coaches Association has named us the National Stroke Champions.  This is an honor given to the program with the Best Stroke Technique in the USA.  If you are participating in a High School swim team this school year, then this program will help you get a head start. This program is for current Non-USA-Swimming athletes.

If interested in joining at our Mountain View Aquatic facility, please contact Coach Pike Hightower [email protected]. If interested in joining at our Cherokee County Aquatic Center facility, please contact Coach Larry Baskin [email protected]. Or you can call our main line at 770-325-7292

Master’s Program
Stingrays offer a Master’s Program (21 & older) at the Mountain View location.  If you are looking for more information about joining our master's Team, please contact
Coach Michael Soderlund at (770) 325-7292 ext. 5 or  [email protected]

Masters WEEKLY SCHEDULEStarting August 2019-May 2020 (June-July is a separate schedule)
MVAC: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30 am-7: 00 am

Competitive Team
Stingrays offer training and competition for all levels of swimmers seeking individual development and team unity within a nationally recognized competitive swim program. Anyone interested in becoming a Stingrays swimmer is asked to attend a swim evaluation at one of our facilities. Group evaluations for new swimmers are scheduled in the summer, while individual evaluations may be conducted at other times of the year.  During the evaluation, a Stingrays staff member will observe the swimmer performing all four strokes, assign an appropriate group placement within the Stingrays program and discuss the registration process. If interested in joining at our Mountain View Aquatic facility, please contact Coach Pike Hightower  [email protected]  or [email protected]. If interested in joining our Cherokee County Aquatic Center facility, please contact Coach Larry Baskin [email protected]. Or you can call our main line at 770-325-7292