Membership Information

Dues Structure - 2017-2018 Season:

ESA Team Registration: 1st Swimmer $97, Two Swimmers $160, Three or more swimmers $185.

USA Swimming Registration: $88 per swimmer.

Monthly Dues:

  • Developmental :  $120 per month
  • Age Group-1: $145 per month
  • Age Group-2: $155 per month
  • Age Group-3: $175 per month
  • Age Group-4: $175 per month
  • Junior: $185 per month
  • Senior: $195 per month

There is a $10 discount on monthly dues for a second swimmer.  

The maximum monthly dues will be $400 per family (for three swimmers) and $450 per family (for four swimmers) for monthly dues.


Meet Fees:

Meet fees consist of fees per event listed on the meet invitation and a one time fee of $5 per swimmer for away meets.  A travel fee of $25 per family will be charged for meets requiring travel outside of LSC (ie: Mardi Gras, Greater Southwest, Texas A&M, University of Texas, etc). 

Money cannot be a factor for not swimming on ESA. If this is a concern, please contact David Pink at coachpink@eagleswimmingassociation.com