Membership Information

Iowa Flyers Swim Club

Participation Requirements
The Iowa Flyers Swim Club is a competitive swimming organization. While the Flyers provide coaching and instruction to children and adults alike, the program is designed for swimmers who are interested in and prepared for competitive level swimming instruction. The club is not designed as a swim lesson program to teach individuals how to swim. For the safety and enjoyment of the club participants, each prospective member of the Flyers must be a minimum of 7 years of age and must be able to complete without stopping 25 yards of freestyle 
with rotary breathing (ideally they can blow bubbles or exhale underwater while swimming) and 25 yards of backstroke. A swim requirement test will be conducted by the Flyers coaching staff to determine if participation in the program can begin.


Free Trial Period
Prospective Flyers participants are encouraged to attend an optional one-week free trial period to help make an informed decision about their potential participation in the club. During this period, prospective members will be evaluated by the Flyers coaching staff to determine the appropriate participation level for the swimmer.


To register, call 319-384-3524 or mobile 319-430-6275 to set up an initial evaluation appointment. Participants are welcome to join at any point during the season provided that space is available. 


Membership Fees, Registration Fees, and Team Dues
Team dues are paid monthly and are based on the group for which the participant is registered, as shown in the fee schedule below. Each participant must also register for the appropriate USA Swimming/Iowa Swimming, Inc. athlete membership or U.S. Masters/Iowa Masters membership listed in the fee schedule below.


Required Governing Body Membership Fees

USA Swimming/Iowa Swimming Membership


Annual Membership Fee (September 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020)                             


Individual Season Athlete Membership (150 Day)
This membership only allows for participation in meets below zone, sectional, and national levels


Flex Membership (September 2, 2018 - December 31, 2019)

This membership only allows for participation in meets below LSC Championships, zone, Sectional and national levels

Athlete Transfer Fee (within Iowa Swimming LSC)
For currently registered athletes transferring from one Iowa Swimming Club to another Iowa Swimming Club


Athlete Transfer Fee (from an outside LSC)
For currently registered athletes transferring from a club outside the Iowa LSC to an Iowa Swimming Club 



U.S. Masters Swimming/Iowa Masters Swimming Membership                          


Full-Year Membership Fees (if joining between January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019)              


End-of-Year Membership Fees (if joining between September 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019)




Iowa Flyers Team Registration Fees

Iowa Flyers Seasonal Registration Fee
Registration fees are paid once per Short Course season (September-March) and once per Long Course season (April-August) during which a swimmer participates with IFLY.  *Registration fees are paid once annually for IFLY Masters.


1st Swimmer in family account


2nd Swimmer in family account


3rd Swimmer in family account


4th Swimmer in family account




Iowa Flyers Team Dues

Training Group

General Public Dues/Month

Recreational Services Member Dues/Month



















Junior Elite



Senior Elite






Limited Participation-HS Girls (August, September, October) $45.00/month Not applicable
Limited Participation-HS Boys (November, December, January)  $45.00/month Not applicable



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