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The Waukee YMCA Swim Program offers swimming year around with our YMCA competitive season running October to March. We swim YMCA and USA teams throughout Iowa. The YMCA offers pre and post season training options for current swimmers. Our summer program runs June and July.

The Waukee YMCA Rays Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Practice groups are designed for the swimmer’s skill level and ability. Coaches for each group will work with parents and swimmers to determine the appropriate level for each swimmer. Much time and effort is spent ensuring each athlete is in the training level most beneficial to their success as a person and an athlete. The following criteria are used to consider placement:

  • Consistently makes choices that demonstrate a willingness to make the commitment expected of the swimmers at that training level
  • Meets attendance expectations
  • Maintains a strong work ethic and consistently trains at the standard expected of swimmers at that level
  • Has mastered stroke, training intervals, and skills expected of the level and maintains the right attitude and approach to the sport
  • Exhibits maturity and responsibility typical of swimmers in that level
  • Fits the age and skill parameters for that level 

Practice groups include:

Additional programs include developmental teams, swimming camps and competitive stroke clinics. From skill development to social development and competitive opportunities to volunteer opportunities, swimming is a sport that offers individual and team growth as well as an activity that the entire family can be involved in.

If you are interested in participating in a terrific sport both for its physical benefits and unique way of developing important life skills, then swimming is worth your consideration. The YMCA is proud of its role in developing young athletes and young community members. Enjoy the web site and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Program Contact: Program Director 515.987.9996