Membership Information

Team Fees

Team fees for the winter and summer season may be paid up front or in installments.  Members who wish to pay in installments should bring a $50 deposit to registration.  The aquatic director will set up monthly payments for the remainder of the season.  Full payment must be made one week prior to the swimmer’s last meet of the season (conference, JOs, senior champs).  The required $50 deposit is per family, not per swimmer.

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Website Login Access

Website access is provided for active team members, allowing them to register for swim meets online.  If you are new to the cyclones, and need website access, please send the following information to the website administrator at and your account will be processed as soon as possible.
- Parent / Guardian name(s):
- Parent / Guardian billing address:
- Parent / Guardian contact phone number(s) - 1 required:
- Parent / Guardian valid email address (all our communication is done via email, so this must be an address that is checked frequently)
- Swimmer(s) name:
- Swimmer(s) date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
- Swimmer(s) practice group level(s):