Membership Information

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Fee Structure
Team Fees
All swimmers must apply for a USA Swimming number within two weeks of beginning swimming.
Monthly dues will be charged. The rate will be dependent upon the contract level at which your
swimmer joins.
A registration fee may apply, depending upon the contract level at which your swimmer joins.
Entry Fees: At the beginning of the season you will receive a meet calendar for the remainder of the
season. You will be billed separately for each upcoming meet that your swimmer is attending. The
coach will select the events your swimmer will be swimming. Typically, you can expect to be charged
between $3-$5 per swim depending on the meet entered. In most meets, swimmers can swim three
to five events per day. The team Treasurer will then write the host club a check for all the entry fees
collected for the swimmers on our team.
A copy of the team contract will be provided to you each year. This will typically handed out during a
parents’ meeting at the beginning of the Winter Season.
The Treasurer will send out  monthly statements to all members by email
If you have any questions about any billing you may have received, please contact the Treasurer.

Meet Entry Fees
Each swimmer must pay for any meet fees incurred when he/she swims in a swim meet. Meet fees will be invoiced to each family. A swimmer may choose not to participate in a swim meet up to the time the entry is placed in the mail. Once the entry has been mailed, the swimmer is responsible to pay the meet fees even if he/she is unable to attend the swim meet.

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