Membership Information

How to sign up for Plainfield Community Aquatics:

For USA swim club membership:

1. Go to swimpca.org under the SIGN UP tab and print out the following forms and complete prior to evaluation/first practice date:

            a. “2017 USA swimming athlete registration form” – payment can be made to PCA for this Or “2017 Seasonal athlete registration form” – payment can be made to PCA for this

            b. IF APPLICABLE “USA athlete transfer form” (if coming from another USA swim club) – payment   made to PCA

2. Email PCA through the "Contact Us" tab above and notify us of your intent to join and schedule a date to start (if different from PCA registration dates).

3. Arrive on schedule date with swim gear and the sum of the following fees via check made out to Plainfield Community Aquatics.

           i. Applicable fees from section 1

           ii. PCA admin fee of $25 (paid once per family the first time you sign up for any PCA program)

4. Start swimming!!

For Developmental or Lessons

1. Go to swimpca.org and find the “PCA Enrollment” Form under the SIGN UP tab.  Fill out as completely as possible and bring with you to registration or on the date in which you wish to start.

2. If signing up outside of registration dates, notify club official through the "Contact Us" tab above of your intent to sign up and schedule an evaluation date (evaluation only necessary for certain groups).

3. Arrive on the first scheduled date for your child’s group and bring the session fee for whichever group you are joining via check made out to PCA.

4. Start swimming!