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Lakeside Swim Team

We have training facilities in both Louisville, KY and Shelbyville, KY during the fall and winter months. Our Louisville groups swim at the Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center and our Shelbyville groups swim at the Shelbyville Family Activity Center. Our full time staff works out of a dedicated team office and can be reached throughout the day. Lakeside Swim Team is the only team in town with a dedicated team office. 

Louisville (MTM) Shelbyville
Mary T. Meaher Aquatic Center Clear Creek Park Family Activity Center
201 Reservoir Ave 717 Burks Branch Rd
Louisvlle, KY 40206 Shelbyville, KY 40065

We realize younger swimmers have other activities and obligations, and therefore do not have any attendance requirements. The more you come to practice, however, the sooner you will see improvement, and the more you will benefit.  We do monitor attendance throughout the year to make sure swimmers are able to handle the workload of future training groups. The expectations for attendance & performance increase as you progress through the program.


You do not have to be a member of Lakeside Swim Club to be on the team.  We are sponsored by the Lakeside Swim Club, which owns and operates our summer facility. Technically we are the Lakeside Swim Team, and have our own parent board.  The team operates as a non-profit organization.  


The Lakeside Swim Team is incorporated as Louisville SeaHawks, Inc., a non-profit corporation which was set up to be responsible for providing coaches, equipment, and facilities to train a national and international team. Louisville SeaHawks, Inc., is run by an elected Board of Directors. The BOD receives financial support from training fees, hosting swim meets, and corporate fund raising.

  • Our full-time staff works out of our team office, located at 1928 Woodbourne Avenue, Louisville, KY 40205. 
  • The Lakeside Swim Club provides the use of a 50-meter outdoor pool during the summer months for the Team’s practice sessions and meets. 
  • The Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center, owned by the City of Louisville, rents Lakeside lane space during the fall, winter, and spring months. 
  • The Shelbyville Family Activities Center, owned by the City of Shelbyville, rents Lakeside lane space throughout the year.
  • The BOD, working in harmony with Lakeside Swim Club, the City of Louisville, and the City of Shelbyville has assured that the team will be provided with the strongest possible support.


The Lakeside SeaHawks Swim Team is committed to continuing its tradition of competitive swimming excellence. Through dedication and hard work, each team member is afforded the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential as an individual and athlete. By providing a professional coaching staff and parental commitment, we seek to provide a healthy and motivating environment of enhanced self-esteem and pride in accomplishment. We expect swimming to be rewarding and fun for all swimmers.



  • National:  Elite level training, competition & commitment, focus on USA National Championships, International & Sectional Championships. Nine swim practices and three dryland sessions per week. 
  • Senior 1 & 2:  High level training, competition & commitment focus on Sectionals, Zone & KY State Championships. Six to Seven swim practices and two to three dryland sessions per week. 
  • Senior Prep:  Training, competition and technique work focused on preparing swimmers for High School Competition and KY State Championships. Six swim practices and two dryland sessions per week.


  • Age Group Elite::  Elite level of age group training, competition & commitment level with the focus on the KY state and zone championships. Six swim practices and two dryland sessions per week. 
  • Age Group:  Increased age group training, competition, & commitment level, with the focus on the KY State Championships. Six swim practices and two dryland sessions per week. 
  • Age Group Development: Introduction to age group training with an increased competition level, with the focus on the KY state championship meet, achieving best times, and improving technique while having fun.  Separated into 2 groups. Six swim practices and two dryland sessions per week.       


  • Developmental 1 & 2:  Broken into smaller groups based on age, ability & competition.  Swimmers will be introduced to USA swimming & competition.  Mainly focuses on improving technique, achieving best times, and having fun as a team.  We offer a flex group, with the option of practicing either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. Two to four swim practices per week. The flex option is only offered for swimmers that are 8 and under and to swimmers that are 9 or 10 year olds and in their first year-round competitive season.

  • Pre-Competitive:  Broken into three 30 minute groups based on ability & convenience. Focus is 100% on improving technical skills in the water and preparing swimmers for long term success in the pool. Two swim practices per week.

Equipment Lists





Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles, Snorkel, Parachute, Drag Sox

Senior 1

Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles, Snorkel, Parachute

Senior 2

Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles, Snorkel

Senior Prep

Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles, Snorkel

Age Group Elite

Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles, Snorkel

Age Group

Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles, Snorkel



Age Group DEv

Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins

Developmental 1

Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins

Developmental 2


Pre Comp







Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles, Snorkel

Age Group

Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins


Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Fins

Pre Comp



What does my swimmer wear or need for practice?
Swimmers may wear any training suit they wish during practice.  If they wear a cap, we encourage wearing a Lakeside Team Cap, but understand they may have training caps as well.  They will also need goggles, and probably need a back-up pair in their bag in case they break.  Each training group has different equipment assigned to them and you or your child will be notified of what is needed in a specific group.  We do try to add equipment to their training as they get older; this provides the swimmer with something new and different at each group and gives them something to look forward to.  


What does my swimmer wear or need for meets?
Our Team Suit is a solid navy blue Speedo with the Team Logo on it, which can be purchased at SwimVille USA in Louisville.  At meets we ask that swimmers wear a solid navy blue or black Speedo suit, and we always require a Lakeside Team Cap, if you wear a cap.  



There are a number of items that we bill. The most common will be your swimmer’s Start-Up Package, the monthly training fees, and meet entry fees for any meet your swimmer competes in.

Louisville Training Fees First Swimmer Additional Swimmer
National $275 $240
Senior 1 $248 $213
Senior 2 $248 $213
Senior Prep $221 $186
Age Group Program    
Age Group Elite $211 $175
Age Group $203 $168
Age Group Development $193 $147
Developmental 1 $181 $146
Developmental 1 Flex $112 $97.00
Developmental 2  $167 $$143
Developmental 2 Flex $101 $86
Pre-Competitive $138 $103
Shelbyville Training Fees First Swimmer Additional Swimmer
Shelbyville Senior  $229 $194
Shelbyville Senior Prep $201 $166
Shelbyville Age Group $201 $166
Shelbyville Developmental $172 $137
Shelbyville Pre-Competitive $104/$69/$36 $84/$59/$30


Each fall, every USA Swimmer across the country must register for the up-coming year.  This athlete membership to USA Swimming is good for one year and is transferable to other teams.  In an effort to eliminate various small fees and to get all the swimmers unified and outfitted with the same gear we have developed a “Start-up Package”. The cost of the Start-Up Package is $225.00 per swimmer and is billed in October. Please contact the office if that extra billing amount is an issue at that time, especially those with multiple swimmers, and we can work with you. 

Team Sponsors