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To become a Manatee, first drop by for a swim at the Manatee home pool in Emeryville ( MAP).  If interested in joining, please e-mail the registrar at (please put MAM in subject line) to set up your account.  The registrar will need your full name, address, phone number, date of birth, and emergency contact information.  Also include how you’d like to pay your dues: monthly, quarterly or annually and by check or credit card (on-line).  Once the account is set up, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions.

Manatee Aquatic Masters

Membership and Payment Policies

January 2018

U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) Membership

All MAM members must also be members of U.S. Masters Swimming. A person without an up to date USMS membership may not swim. We cannot make exceptions to this rule. USMS membership provides benefits including insurance for individual swimmers and our club, access to sanctioned competition, and the bimonthly SWIMMER magazine. (This is separate from your membership with the Manatees.)

Go to to join USMS or to renew your membership. Once you receive your membership confirmation, please e-mail your USMS membership number to the MAM Registrar at if you are joining a team other than MAM.

Membership Fees (Effective January 1, 2018)

Calendar Year: $880                     Calendar Quarter: $230                Month: $80

When to Pay

All membership fees must be paid in advance, regardless of the number of sessions you expect to attend. Fees are due on the first day of the payment period and are delinquent after the 10th day. Because delinquent fees require our Registrar’s and Treasurer’s attention, MAM charges a late fee of $10 per month for every month that membership fees remain delinquent. If it was based on a credit card issue, please hit “pay now” when you correct the information to avoid late fees.

If you sign up between the 10th day and the 20th day of your first month, you’ll pay for half a month ($40). If you sign up after the 20th day of your first month, you’ll get those last few days free with your next month.

Quarterly payments are only for quarters beginning January, April, July, and October. If you start swimming after the 10th day of the first month of a quarter, you must pay monthly until the next quarter begins. Remember to ask the Registrar to change your member account during the last month of the quarter to call for quarterly payments beginning in the next quarter.

Yearly swimming fees will be accepted in January of each standard calendar year. If you start swimming in or after February of a calendar year, you must pay monthly or quarterly until the beginning of the next calendar year.

Your membership is continuous until you notify the Registrar of a change. If you wish to stop or suspend paying regular swimming fees, you must notify the Registrar by mail or email and s/he will place you on “inactive” status. You must give this notice to the Registrar on or before the 19th day of the last month for which you intend to pay. If you do not give the Registrar notice, you will continue to accrue swim fees whether or not you elect to swim. To reactivate your membership, the reactivation fee is $20.


No refunds of any sort will be provided for swimming only part of a month. Partial refunds, for the second or third months of a quarter for quarterly swimmers or for months after January for annual swimmers, may be granted at the sole discretion of the Board. The member must request the refund from the Registrar, who will consult with the Board. A documented medical condition that prevents swimming, or relocation to another part of the country, are the most likely justifications for a refund. Deciding not to swim is not grounds for a refund.

How to Pay

You must pay electronically, either by automatic charge to your credit card or by automatic debit from your checking account. Because automatic debit from your checking account is slightly less expensive for the team, we encourage you to consider using this option. Your registration is not complete, and you may not swim as a MAM member, until you have set up your electronic payment account. Exceptions to the electronic payment requirement may be granted at the Registrar’s sole discretion.

Our service provider will initiate the credit card charge or bank account debit on the first day of each month. If the charge fails, you will receive an email notice so that you can correct the problem. You must correct any electronic payment failure by the 15th of the month, by updating the payment information and authorizing the payment using the “pay now” option, or you will incur the $10 late fee. Please note that if you pay quarterly or annually, the late fee is $10 for each month that your payment is overdue.

Any monthly member whose bank debit payment fails twice must switch to automatic credit card payments or pay by check for the arrears. Any quarterly or annual member whose bank debit payment fails once also must switch to automatic credit card payments. Any such member who declines to provide a valid credit card number with an expiration date beyond the next payment period will be placed on “inactive” status.

A monthly member whose monthly payments become delinquent for a second month, a quarterly member who has not made his or her quarterly payment by the tenth day of the second month of the quarter, or an annual member who has not made any payment by February 10, may be placed on “inactive” status until the member corrects the payment delinquency. Before placing a member on “inactive” status for nonpayment, the Registrar, the Head Coach, or the Board President will inform the member by email to the address the member has provided for MAM communications, and will make reasonable attempts to contact the member in person or by telephone.

A person on “inactive” status may not swim. An involuntarily “inactive” member who wishes to resume active membership must pay the $20 reactivation fee as well as any past-due swimming and late fees, and must arrange for future payments to occur by automatic credit card charge. Members or former members may petition the Board for reinstatement on alternative terms, which the Board will consider only upon proof of extenuating circumstances.


Jenny Thompson pays quarterly, by automatic debit from a checking account. In February, Jenny changes from MegaBank to Neighborhood Credit Union, but forgets to update her payment information on file with MAM. The Registrar contacts Jenny on April 6 to let Jenny know that Jenny’s April 1 payment has failed.

If Jenny updates the payment information on her MAM account right away, Jenny will be charged $230 for the April to June quarter.

If Jenny does not make the update right away, she will owe $240 if a further reminder from the Registrar spurs action between April 16 and May 10. If she doesn’t remember to attend to the payment problem until after May 10, Jenny will owe $250.

If Jenny doesn’t remember to attend to the MAM account change until after May 10, Jenny also will receive increasingly urgent emails and other communications from the team urging attention to the payment problem. Eventually, the Board will direct the Registrar to designate Jenny as “inactive.” She will be ineligible on and after that date to swim, although she also will stop accruing late fees and swimming fees as of the “inactive” date.

Jenny is disappointed on May 26 to be turned away from workout for nonpayment. To resume swimming with MAM, Jenny must pay $270 immediately, by credit card. ($230 for the April, May, and June quarter; $10 late fee for April; $10 late fee for May; and $20 reactivation fee). She can choose whether to pay monthly or quarterly going forward; but either way Jenny must give the Registrar a valid credit card number with an expiration date after July 1 so that Jenny will be set to pay for the next month or quarter as well.

Dues and Policies for Drop-In Swimmers

The Manatees provide drop-in swimming for those who cannot swim on a regular schedule. The fee is $15.00 per swim, payable via a 10-swim pass for $150. Purchase of drop-in passes may be made online, or by check mailed to MAM Inc., 6114 LaSalle Ave., PMB 516, Oakland, CA 94611. If you pay by check, please send your check at least two weeks before you think you will need more swims, to avoid interruptions in your swim schedule.

Swim passes will not be sent to your home, but will be delivered to the pool. When you arrive to swim, you must check in with the coach to have your attendance approved. When you see that you are running out of paid swim sessions, you need to order more. The coach will not allow you to swim at a practice without having paid, and it is your responsibility to stay current.

Coaches will not handle cash at the pool, unless the swimmer is visiting from out of town.

Who to Contact Regarding Membership Issues

The Registrar is a Manatee member who has graciously volunteered her time. You may contact the Registrar via email at She is the only one who can make changes to member status so that we can maintain a birds-eye view of changes to membership. 

Please make sure that your correct email address is in our system so that you will receive team reminders and updates.

To print the Manatee Dues Policy, go here .

We accept dues only by electronic payment, or by check mailed to MAM at:

MAM, Inc.
PMB 516
6114 La Salle Ave
Oakland, CA 94611-2821

Questions regarding dues should be directed to  Registrar. (please put MAM in the subject line)

Receiving Communications from MAM

Manatee information is most often disseminated by email.  This includes the Manatee Newsletter, as well as current announcements.  Sometimes announcements are timely, such as pool closures or schedule changes. The email address these notices come to is the email address you provide for your login on the Manatee website.  So be sure to keep this address up to date or you will not receive any information!  You will notice that you can also enter up to two alternative email addresses so you can receive announcements at multiple addresses.