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How to Contact PAAC
For information about PAAC call us at 484-397-4092 or e-mail us at [email protected]

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Swimming Membership & Enrollment

Membership on PAAC's competitive team is open to youth ages six through college age.  All swimmers must have obtained a certain level of swimming proficiency in order to qualify for membership on the PAAC team.  Coaches judgment and swimmer commitment are the deciding factors in placing athletes into the appropriate swimming practice group.

Practice Group Assignments:
Returning PAAC swimmers should register for the same practice group they participated in at the conclusion of the last swim session.

New swimmers should call the PAAC office @ 484-397-4092 or an evaluation time.

USA Membership:
All swimmers must belong to USA Swimming which is $65.00 per year.  No swimmer will be permitted on deck or in the water without current USA membership.

PAAC Registration/Participation Policies:

Swim Meet Ads (mandatory): All PAAC families are required to sell a minimum of (2) two advertising spaces ($25.00 per ad) to area merchants and service providers for display in our meet programs as well as sponsorship levels which entitle merchants to a service announcement during the meet, website ad, and or product table at meet.  Due dates will be announced by the club.

Swim-a-thon (mandatory):  PAAC holds an annual Swim-a-Thon.  Swim-a-Thon is a mandatory fundraiser for all registered swimmers.  Annual team and swimmer goals are announced prior to the event.  Swimmers who do not raise the mandatory minimum amount will be billed the difference between what was raised and what the minimum amount is.

Registration Fee (mandatory):  All PAAC registered swimmers will be charged an annual registration fee of $50.00.  This fee is in addition to swim dues. 

Swim Dues(mandatory):  All registered swimmers who wish to participate in a session must pay swim dues in advance of the commencement of the session.  Swimmers who have not paid that session’s fees will not be permitted to participate in scheduled practices.   Once a session has begun no refunds will be granted absent a valid medical excuse from a licensed physician.  In such case, dues refunded will be prorated based on the pre-determined daily rate.

Meet Requirements:  As PAAC is a program for developing competitive swimmers, meet participation is important, as is practice attendance.  In addition to the practice, there are also competitive meet attendance requirements for the various practice groups. These meets include both USA Middle Atlantic sanctioned meets and PAAC Dual Meets.  The meets that each practice group can attend (in some cases are mandatory) are listed on the website.  Swimmers should consult with their coach as to which meets are appropriate for attendance.

Payment Procedures:
The billing cycles are included in each Registration Packet.

A $10 late fee charge will be added to all payments made after the due date.  PAAC schedules its coaching staff based on how often swimmers plan to attend rather than on how many swimmers actually show up for practice. PAAC has a no-refund policy except for medical reasons.A Swimmer Is NOT Considered Withdrawn From The Program Until A Call is Placed to The PAAC Office or a Written Notice Of Withdrawal Is Received By The Club.

You may leave a message at the PAAC Office Monday thru Friday calling 484-397-4092 or by email [email protected]. For additional contact information see Contact Us.

Parents if you have any concerns about your child's swimming program, please feel free to talk to your child's coach or e-mail them (click the Contact button in the menu bar).

If you have questions about swimming or diving, please contact the coaches & Board Members.