Membership Information


We need parents to volunteer.  Five hours of volunteer time/family will result in a discount off the following season's registration fee.  The following volunteer positions are needed.

Work at awards table in stands. Places labels on awards and distribute to home and away team. Files awards in home team ribbon bins.
Clean up after the meet
Responsible for breaking down all equipment required to run the meet and picking up trash.
Clerk of Course (1 per half) 
Responsible for lining up the swimmers by event, heat and lane and getting them to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time.
Concessions workers
Work in concessions to serve, make, and sell food/drinks. On day of event check in with Concession Manager for time schedule.
Finish Judge (1 per half)
Uses customized pad and pen to record order of finishes by lane.
Floater (1 per half)
Fills in where needed at the meet. Requires flexibility. Check in with team representative.
Head Timer
Supervises the timers. Provides timer backup with two stop watches.
Lane timers (6 per half)
Use stop watch and record times for swimmers. Slots 1-6 correspond to lanes 1-6 and first-half of meet. Slots 7-12 will be the second-half timer for the lanes with the following placement: 7/Ln 1, 8/Ln 2, 9/Ln 3, 10/Ln 4, 11/Ln 5 and 12/Ln 6.
Must have attended training.
Must have attended training. Starter may also act as referee.
Stroke and Turn Judge
Must have attended annual training session.

We cannot run home or away meets without these positions.  In addition, we must have officials for the Championships or our kids don’t swim.

If you have any questions about voluteer positions/officiating, please see any of our coaches.  Futhermore, volunteer positions may be found under the meet signup tab.  Please select the meet you are interested in volunteering for, and sign-up for the time slot.  Your hours will be tracked electronically.

Philosophy  of DSC

The DSC program is designed to achieve several goals: to promote both the mental and physical growth in every swimmer and to foster lasting friendships among teammates.  It is the swimmer’s responsibility to learn to budget time, set goals, and to do the best with the ability they have.  Winning is the desire to improve.  DSC strives to make the swimming experience both fun and rewarding, so that the sport will be a part of their future as student athletes. As a member of DSC, you will be instructed in the four competitive swimming strokes:  Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle.   Learning to master new strokes is a significant accomplishment in itself and this will enable you to become a more diverse swimmer.


We encourage swimmers to have a pair of goggles for practice.  These goggles can be worn for meets, or your swimmer may want a pair that are dedicated meet goggles.  If your swimmer wears a cap during practice, make sure they have at least one back up.  Caps tear quite often.  Your swimmer will need a practice suit and also a team suit for meets.  All DSC swimmers are required to have fins by WEEK 2 of practice.  Flying Feet sells suits, goggles, caps and fins.  Or you can choose to purchase through any swim website.