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HoCo Aquatics has an annual try out in late June/July. Dates and times are posted on the website in the News section. Swimmers new to the team must try out and be invited to join. The primary pool is located in the Athletic and Fitness Center, located off of Hickory Ridge Road.

If you miss the try out date and are interested in joining HoCo Aquatics Swim Team, please contact us/ Coach Pete to discuss open positions and if a try out session is required to ensure your swimmer is ready to join a competitive swim team.

Current USA Swimming team or YMCA Swimming team members (required):
If your swimmer is attached to a
USA Swimming or YMCA Club Team you must notify your head coach of your intention to switch clubs.  You also MUST provide a USA Swimming transfer form to HoCo Aquatics (on team website- Policies/Forms - please use form for the correct season). All swimmers interested in transferring to HoCo must be in good financial standing with their previous team before being allowed to transfer to HoCo Aquatics.