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Swimming is a ‘life sport’ we practice a philosophy of progression and technique. It is important for the parent and athlete to choose a path that allows for a positive experience as well as continued success.

This swim team is designed to give children the opportunity to progress from a novice swimmer to the level of achievement and competition they desire. We believe that the entire experience should be focused on improvement that is both fun and instructional, and that the swimmers should learn individual and team skills. For the experience to be worthwhile, it should present physical and mental challenges and demand a commitment to improve. We believe that year round exposure to competitive swimming (including swimming in meets) greatly enhances the opportunity to achieve superior goals.

A commitment to this program is displayed through good attendance and showing up on time to practice and meets. It is important to bring a positive attitude to practice and remain open-minded about the challenges your coach presents day in and day out. This also includes making good choices in and out of the pool setting.

Practice time drop off, 10 minutes before start time. And for swim meets, 20 minutes before warm-up. Strive to get your swimmer ON DECK and READY to practice before the scheduled start time. Not walking in the door at that time.


The focus of our Age Group team is developing competitive swimmers who will hopefully become swimmers for life.  In order to accomplish this goal we strive to teach the necessary skills, develop the required endurance, and have fun along the way.

Our program is centered on the concept of stroke technique.  Our first priority is to make sure that your swimmer is swimming correctly.  This will increase your swimmer’s capability in the water as well as help prevent injury later in his or her swim career.

We will also make sure that your swimmer is conditioned and develops endurance at a level appropriate to their age and skill level.  Competitive swimming is based on doing the strokes well and with strength.  Only quality hard work will develop the skills and endurance necessary to be a successful competitive swimmer.

Along with developing technique and endurance, we want your child to thoroughly enjoy their swimming experience.  We focus on encouragement and support to develop your swimmers.  We take time on occasion to play games.  Swimmers who enjoy their time on the team have better motivation, work harder, and are more likely to participate in swimming for years to come.