Liquid Lightning Partners
Membership Information

Costs are as follows:

Swimmer Registration:  
(includes pool fee and admin fee per swimmer - multiple sibling discounts are available, except for HS swimmers)

Those interested in a tryout for the team should contact Coach Ray Onisko by emailing

2015 Fall Registration:  $440.00 for Waves Group and $455 for Cyclones, Seniors, and Lightning Groups
(Sept 8 - Dec 31)

2015 Winter Registration: $330.00
(Jan 5 - April 2)

2015 Spring Registration:  $255.00
(April 13 - June 12)

2015 Summer Registration:  $205.00 One payment option only.
(June 15 - July 24th)

Concession Fee: $20.00

(per family Fall & Winter only)


Travel Fee: $12.50
(per swimmer Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

USA Registration Fee: $70.00
(annually per swimmer) Billed during Fall session.

USA Registration Fee Seasonal: $44.00


Registration Refund Policy 
effective (12/6/06)


Refunds will only be issued in the first two weeks of each swim session upon written request to the LL Board of Directors. No refunds will be issued after two weeks.  

Swim credits will be issued to athletes who are unable to swim/practice for four (4) or more weeks of a swim session due to injury or medical reasons.

This written request must be accompanied by a doctor's note.  

No registration or USS Swim membership fees will be refunded.


Additional Contact Information (Group/Team Entries)   (Individual Meet Entries)

LL Mailing address: 
P. O. Box 307, Lake Orion, MI  48360

Registration is completed using the online system link found on our home page.