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Welcome to the OLY Swimming


OLY is a competitive age group swim team.  Our Mission is to provide a “world class” swim team which will allow every athlete to achieve their highest level of swimming and personal achievement

The History of OLY

Since its beginning in 1962, the Oakland Live Y’ers Swim Team has had a history marked by continuous achievement and growth. Consisting of all boys, the first Rochester swim team was coached by volunteer John Burns. Shortly thereafter, a girl’s team, the Aqua Debs, was established and coached by Gloria Lusk. Both of these teams were YMCA teams and combined into a single team in the 70’s. By 1976, the team had grown to 70 swimmers and sent 5 swimmers to YMCA Nationals.

Also, in the 70’s, a USS swim team was emerging in the area. Under the leadership of Oakland University’s Athletic Director Corey Van Fleet, a team of 30 young swimmers trained under OU coach Rich Pine. To maximize resources and coaching staff, the YMCA and USS teams merged in 1977. A contest was held to select a name for the new team, and swimmer Sherie Fedak submitted the winning entry—The Oakland Live Y’ers.

In 1980, OLY won its first YMCA State Championship, followed by it first YMCA Zone Championship in 1981. OLY won Long Course YMCA Nationals as well as its first USS Michigan State Championship in 1990. In 1998 OLY won the USA Junior Nationals Men's Team title in Buffalo, New York. Since 2000, OLY has won 5 Combined Team Speedo Sectional Titles and six Men's Team titles and two Women's Team titles. At the local level since 2000, OLY has won seven State Championship combined Team Titles and been Team Combined runner-up 14 times.  (long course & short course) In 2003, OLY received Silver Medal Designation from USA Swimming, which put OLY in the top 35 swim clubs in the United States. In 2004, Peter Vanderkaay became OLY’s first graduate to receive a Gold Medal at the Olympics.

In the Spring of 2018, OLY combined with FLY swimming and brought the two Cooper Brothers (Adam & Jeff) together in one program. The two clubs operate under the OLY Swimming logo and name.

OLY Swimming is made up of over 400 swimmers now and will continue to excel and grow. OLY Swimming has the finest coaching staff in the state of Michigan with Head Coaches Adam & Jeff Cooper and an impressive group of assistant coaches. OLY Swimming excels to high levels because of a dedicated group of parents who devote untold hours to the OLY program.


Swim School (Ages 6-9) - Swimmers learn all the basic stroking (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly).  Emphasis is on basic skills necesarry to learn the four competitive strokes and advance to Technique group.

Technique (Ages 10 & Under)  - This group is the entry level to the competitive part of OLY Swimming. Focus in this group is on the skill development of the four competitive strokes and starts and turns. Some introduction of aerobic swimming ins introduced and also a basic understanding of a workout environment and reading the pace clock is also introduced.

Junior 1 (Ages 13 & Under) -  This group is for our developing age group swimmers who are ready for a more workout environment and are ready to be introduced to the basics of aerobic training and the foundation of aerobic training for long term development. There is still great emphasis on technical skill development and an introduction to goal setting.

Junior 2 (Ages 13 & Under) - This group is for the more advanced age group swimmer and one that is ready for a high level aerobic workout. Swimmers in this group have a good background already in technical developmetn and are expected to be ready to advance their aerobic traininng to a much higher level than a beginning age group swimmer. Goal setting and dryland are also introduced at this level to each athlete.

High School 1 (Ages 14-18) - This group is for the swimmer that wants to swim soley high school during their high school season and also wants to return to a structured senior team environment when high school season ends. 

High School 2 (Ages 14-18) - This group is for the swimmer that wants to continue to train with the program during their respective high school season. The swimmer is expected to train on weekends with OLY while still competing for their high school prgram. This allows the swimmer a continued process in the OLY program while still experiencing the high school environment.

Senior Team (Ages 13-18) -   Senior Team addreses a wide range of ability and committment levels. Within the Senior Team structure there is an advanced group and a developmental group. The advanced group trains 9 training sessions a week and the structure is designed to develop swimmers to a high national level of competition. The developmental group is offered 6 training sessions a week and is for the senior level swimmers who are beginning to become more committed to their training regiment and level of achievement. Senior Team train together on most days but does have some separation in their practice schedule on the weekends.


Fees for Short Course

Group Registration Monthly
Technique $315 $92
JR1 $415 $137
JR 2 $415 $137
High School 1 $415 $162 (During off high school season months only)
High School 2 $415 $212 during SC, $122 during HS Season
Senior Team (6) $415 $162 (6 workouts per week)
Senior Team (9) $415 $212 (9 workouts per week)
The registration fee includes MI swimming & USA swimming registration, all meet fees, as well as some team activities and apparel. This is a one time annual fee. You do NOT pay a Long Course registration fee if you swam Fall/Winter.

Fees for Long Course

Group Registration Monthly
Technique $165 $92
JR1 $165 $137
JR 2 $165 $137
Senior Team (6) $165 $162 (6 workouts per week)
Senior Team $165 $212 (9 workouts per week)
 The registration fees for Long Course apply to newly registering families.  The registration fees for long course do not apply for OLY families already registered for the current short course season.  The registration fee includes MI swimming & USA swimming registration,  all meet fees, as well as some team activities and apparel.  The only additional fee that you have is a $25 per family sign up fee at the beginning of the registration process. This replaces OLY hosted meet fee for hospitality in lieu of donations that was invoiced each month we hosted a meet.(5 months at $5)

TEAM UNIFORMS - All swimmers are required to purchase a team uniform which includes the following items with OLY Logo:

  • One white T-shirt 
  • One gold T-shirt
  • One swim cap 
  • One Team Speedo suit with logo

Team uniform T-shirts and additional spirit wear items are available through the OLY Webstore which will be open various times throughout the swim season. Once the Webstore opens you will receive an e-mail with a link to the store to place your order. 

Swim caps can be purchased from Suzanne Zanoli ([email protected])

Please note: All cap purchases will be charged to your ACH or Credit Crad:

Silicone - $12 each

Latex - $5 each or 3 for $13

Speedo Team Swim suit can be purchased from D&J Sports and is required for each swimmer. Our team suit will have the OLY logo on it.



Tentative Practice Schedule

Oakland University Site:


  • Mon-Thurs      5:40-6:40 pm pm at Oakland University
Junior 1:            
  • Mon-Thurs      5:30-7:00 pm & 7:00-8:30 pm at Avondale High School
  • Sat                 2-3:30 pm at Oakland University
Junior 2:
  • Mon-Thurs      6:40-8:10 pm at Oakland University
  • Sat                 2-3:30 pm at Oakland University

Senior Team:    

  • M, T, Th          7-9 pm at Oakland University
  • Fri                   6-8 pm at Oakland University
  • Th (am)**        5-6:30 am TBA
  • Sa**                9-10:30 am at Oakland University
  • Sa                   4-6 pm at Oakland University
  • Su                   1-3:30 pm at Oakland University
** Morning practices are only for the 9 training session part of senior team.

Flint/Fenton Site:


  • Mon -Thurs     5-6 pm at Fenton High School (except when there are high school meets)
  • Friday            5-6 or 5:30-6:30 pm at Kettering University (make-up practices for when                                  practices are canceled due to high school swim meets)
Junior 1:            
  • Mon-Thurs       5-6:30 pm at Fenton High School
  • Friday              5-6:30 or 5:30-7:00 pm at Kettering University (Make-up for canceled                                     practices)
  • Saturday           7:30-9:00 am at Fenton High School
Junior 2:
  • Mon                  4:30-6:30 pm at Kettering University (Dryland 4:30-5 pm)
  • Tue                   6:30-8:45 pm at Fenton High School (Dryland 6:30-7 pm)
  • Wed                  6:30-8:30 pm at Fenton High School
  • Thur                  6:30-8:45 pm at Fenton High School (Dryland 6:30-7 pm)
  • Saturday           7:30-9:00 am at Fenton High School

Senior Team:    

  • M                     6:30-8:30 pm at Fenton High School
  • Tue                  5-7 pm at Fenton High School
  • Wed                 3:30-6 pm at Kettering University (Dryland 530-6 pm)
  • Thur                 5-7 pm at Fenton high School (Possible Dryland 5-5:30 pm)
  • Friday              4:30-7 pm at Fenton High School/5-7 pm at Oakland University (LCM)**
  • Saturday          7:30-9:30 am at Fenton High School/4-6 pm at Oakland University (LCM)**
  • Sunday            2:30-4:30 pm at Oakland University (LCM)**
*We will be offering LCM at Oakland University for JR2 & Senior (6) on Sunday once the schedule is finalized.
**Senior (9) swimmers ONLY!!
Clarkston Site:


  • Mon-Thurs      5:45-6:45 pm at the Clarkston High School pool
Junior 1:            
  • Mon-Thurs      5:45-7:15 pm at the Clarkston High School pool
  • Sat                  2-3:30 pm at Oakland University

Senior Team:    

  • Mon-Thurs      5:45-7:15 pm at the Clarkston High school pool
  • Friday             6:00-8:00 pm at Oakland University
  • Sat/Sun          avaliable through arrangement with coaching staff


Parental Participation/Volunteer

OLY is a nonprofit organization and we rely on parent participation to host our meets.  Volunteer sessions are assigned according to the oldest child group level.  They are specified below.   The fees you pay are only a portion of the team expenses.   Families may choose to volunteer to meet their requirements or pay 50.00 per session not worked.  Conflicts or extraordinary circumstances should be discussed with the OLY Swimming CFO.

Family Point Requirement (April 1st through March 31st)




Meet Sessions per year

(minimum required)

Senior Team (9 workouts)



High School

(Girls and Boys)



Senior Team (6 workouts)


5 sessions

Junior 2



Junior 1


4 sessions



3 sessions

Single parent families


50% of required sessions

New families who register on or after 6/01/21 but before 10/1/21.


Senior Team (9 workouts) – 5 sessions

High School (boys & girls) - 3 sessions

Senior Team  (6 workouts) –5  sessions

Junior II – 4 sessions

Junior I – 4 sessions

Technique  – 3 sessions

New families who register after 10/1/21 until the end of short course season.


Senior Team (9 workouts) – 4 sessions

High School (boys & girls) - 2 sessions

Senior Team (6 workouts)– 4 sessions

Junior I &  II– 3 session

Technique – 2 sessions


OLY’s Mandatory Fundraising Program

The best way to keep fees down as pool costs rise is to do fundraising.  OLY has one of the easiest programs for this and it keeps getting easier.  The team offers both SCRIP and grocery fundraising options.  You can choose to participate in either one of them or both.

Each family is expected to earn at least $75 for OLY from April 1st – March 31st using some combination of grocery and/or SCRIP fundraising (this amount is prorated for new families joining mid-season).  If you earn more than $75, you will begin earning refunds.  OLY will keep half and you will receive half.  These refunds will be issued once per year at the end of the short course season.


If you feel that our team is a good fit for your child please contact us at [email protected]


OLY 2021 - 2022 Short Course season will begin in September. 

OLY 2022 - Long Course season will begin in April  

Please email the OLY Membership Coordinator ([email protected]) if you are new to the area or are interested in joining the team.  Tryouts are usually held at Oakland University or Clarkston High School or Fenton High School  throughout the season as openings permit.  When you come for your try-out, make sure your swimmer is ready to swim and brings goggles, towel, etc.. If your swimmer has competitive team experience please bring a print out of top times. 

Thanks so much for your interest in joining our Team!