Membership Information

Joining the Piranhas Swim Club

What can the swimmer expect from Piranhas Swim Club?

Aspiring swimmers of any ability or age can expect an opportunity to find friends, have fun, and be part of a team.  Each swimmer will be placed in a supportive environment which allows each swimmer to learn and progress at his/her own pace. All swimmers will have an opportunity to compete when ready.

What does Piranhas Swim Club expect from the swimmer?

Piranhas Swim Club expects two things from the swimmer: participation and respectful behavior. You have joined, now come to practice, make new friends, and build your strength and skills. We want you to be a big part of the team!  Finally, treat your teammates, coaches and others, and the facilities we use with respect.

Want to set-up an evaluation?

To join Piranhas Swim Club, you must be able to swim, unassisted for the 25 yard length of the pool using the freestyle (front crawl) stroke.  We will do evaluations for all new swimmers.  New swimmer evaluations take place on Splash Night in September and April every year.  New swimmer evaluation can also be scheduled outside of Splash Night throughout the year.  Please contact Head Coach, Lucas Baarlaer, to set up an evaluation!

When can I join? Seasons

Registration will be limited to specific time periods at the beginning of the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer season. Piranhas Swim Club will also allow members to join mid-season if needed. Please e-mail Head Coach, Lucas Baarlaer, [email protected]

The fall-winter season runs from early September through the winter Minnesota Swimming state tournament in March. The spring-summer season runs from mid-April through the summer Minnesota Swimming state tournament in August.

Piranhas Swim Club holds two registration events each year, one at the start of the fall-winter season in early September and the other at the start of the spring-summer season in April. Club volunteers and coaches are available at these events to answer your questions. Watch “Upcoming Events” on the home page of the Web site for registration event announcements.


When you decide to join, you will fill out an online registration form. At registration you are also responsible for paying first month’s dues and the Minnesota Swimming (MSI) annual registration fee. These fees will be outlined on the online registration form. For details see Fees & Payment Information under the Membership tab.

If you have inquiries about joining or other membership question, please e-mail Head Coach, Lucas Baarlaer - [email protected]

Family commitment

Why require a family commitment? Piranhas Swim Club coaches are paid, professional coaches. Volunteers perform all the other club activities. The biggest volunteer efforts are the meets that Piranhas Swim Club hosts, usually one weekend meet and several one session evening meets during the season.  Each meet session requires the help of over 40 volunteers. Successful meets generate a lot of revenue for the team, thereby reducing the monthly dues for our families.

Trial period

For new families who are interested in joining Piranhas Swim Club, we offer a 2-week free trial period. Swimmers are able to participate in the 2-week trial period year-round.  Please e-mail Lucas Baarlaer [email protected] to set up your swimmer’s two week session.

Splash Night 

Twice a year, once in early September and in mid-April at the start of the seasons, the Piranhas Swim Club offers a splash night to see if your swimmer is ready to join the team. After the coach's evaluation at splash night, your swimmer is usually placed in the Novice group to learn the finer points of the various strokes.   If you would like to join the team at another time, please contact us to schedule an evaluation for your swimmer.