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Join the Manta Rays
First, contact Head Coach Trevor Edmunds by email (or call 283-0100 Ext #405) and schedule a new swimmer evaluation for the child or children who are interested ages 5-21. This will determine which of our practice groups would be the best fit for your child and for the team. Answers to common questions may be found in our Parent Handbook. For more specific questions contact Coach Trevor or a member of MRPAC.
MORE INFORMATION: Parent Handbook | CONTACT: Trevor Edmunds | Coaches/MRPAC
Open Registration Dates
Winter season opens the first week of September, Summer season opens the first week of April. New swimmers are always welcome and can join our team anytime during the season (if there is an opening). Practice Group schedules are on the "Practice" page. Current season Events are on the "Events" page.
MORE INFORMATION: Practice Groups / Program Fees | Practice Group Schedule | Team Events |
Team Unify Account

During the registration process, you will be asked to provide your email address which will be used as your username for our team website. Once registered, your password and instructions for accessing your account will be sent via email (Returning members will use their existing account). Important notes:

  • In order to add your Swimmer(s), we will need their legal first and last names (no abbreviations or nicknames) and also their middle initial. This will help us ensure accurate swim meet entries and the availability of your swimmers results. Also, optional USA Swimming registration requires an ID# that is derived from certain characters of each swimmers name and birth date (ID's are considered private information to be used only for USA Swimming registration and official team business).
  • Your primary email address will become the main point of contact for important notifications about team events and updates throughout the season. If you find that you are not receiving team email, please let us know immediately. Secondary email addresses can be added as needed to allow other family members to also receive team notifications.
Wait List Policy
There are only two instances where a swimmer will not be able to join the team following their evaluation:
  • Swimmer does not pass minimum safety requirement - In this instance, the Coach will recommend the appropriate private, semi-private or group swim lesson for the swimmer to work towards passing the safety requirement.
  • The training group that the swimmer is placed in is full - In this case, the swimmer will be placed on a waiting list in the order that he/she inquired about scheduling their evaluation. If a spot in their training group opens up, it will be offered to the next swimmer on the waiting list. If a spot is open in another group, the Coach may elect to allow the swimmer to participate in that group until a spot opens up in their group. This will be decided by the Coach on a case by case basis.