Membership Information

Welcome to Viking Aquatic Club

The purpose of the Viking Aquatic Club is to develop swimming skills, strength and endurance, while promoting a healthy competitive nature in our swimmers. These goals can only be obtained by teamwork. This teamwork includes developing relationships between coaches and swimmers, parents and coaches, and swimmers and parents. Our club depends on a good communication system between all the participants, coaches, swimmers and parents.

The club makes demands on parents, swimmers and the coaching staff. The demands on the parents are very important. For the parents there is a time commitment between practice and meets, a financial commitment, as well as the commitments as a volunteer (i.e. working at meets, fund-raisers, annual dinners, etc.).

For the athletes, the commitments can be very demanding. Practice demands hard work and a commitment to improve. ESSL meets are held for every swimmer. The athlete must take on responsibilities for her/himself as well as the whole team.

The coaching staff feels that the demands made by the club will help develop the athlete into a well-rounded young person. The following are some ways we believe you will help us achieve our goals:

  1. Get to know the coaches. They are always available after practice. Feel free to communicate any problems or suggestions.
  2. Understand that competition can be a thrill that our athletes will enjoy. Although it means hard work, it can be fun. It does not always mean winning. Improving in skills, times and attitudes are equally important goals.
  3. Understand the courage required when an athlete competes. When a swimmer competes, they are taking a risk. Therefore competition and risk taking require courage and develop strength and character.
  4. Remember that coaches and parents cannot compete. When this occurs, the all-important communication system can fall apart.

We believe the Viking Aquatic Club can be advantageous for the athletic swimmer, the coaching staff, and the parents of the athletes.