Membership Information

Short Course Season Free Week starts October 23rd at 6:00 p.m.


Parents/Swimmers Handbook

MMSC Parent Information

USA Swimming Membership is required for each swimmer.

$66.00 for Short & Long Course Seasons will expire 12/31/18

Marlins Fee Schedule:

One Time fee for the Short Course Season

Monthly fee

$280 first swimmer

$75.00 first swimmer

$140.00 second swimmer

$40.00 second swimmer

$70.00 each swimmer thereafter

$22.50 each swimmer thereafter


Option #1:  Full season payment billed November 1st - $20 per swimmer discount.

Option #2:  Monthly payments billed Nov, Dec, Jan, & Feb 1st.

Late payment fee of $5 will be charged to your account if balance is not paid by the 25th of the month.  If payment is not received the swimmer will be unable to practice or participate in meets that month.

USA Registration Fee will be billed to you when you complete your registration.  A credit card or ACH payment is required.

A $15 per family hospitality fee will be billed to you on November 1st and if you register after, the hospitality fee will be billed when you register. 

Meet Registration:  Parents register their swimmers for meets online at the Mandan Marlins website.   MMSC pays for all meet entries at the time of the meet and if your child has been registered you are responsible for the meet entry fees.  Meet registration fees will be billed to you the 1st of the month following the meet registration.  Payment for meet registrations will need to be current in order to register for additional meets.

Communication:  Please provide MMSC with an email address that you check regularly as we will pass on information that way.  Each family will also have a folder in the Family File container located in the southwest corner of the pool under the announcer’s loft.  Have your swimmer check their family file folder regularly.  Important information is discussed during our Parent meetings.  Be make an effort to attend, however if you are unable to attend the minutes will be emailed to everyone.

We will be offering ACH Payments (Automatic Bank Withdrawal) and credit card paments.  You will need to complete the bank information when you register your swimmers.   The amount due on your account will be pulled after the 1st of each month.


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