Membership Information




1.     Complete the following forms for each child:

a.    Niagara Swimming Outreach Application

b.    Niagara Swimming Athlete Registration

c.    Buffalo City Swim Racers Swimmer Welcome Kit

d.    Invite for

2.   Make sure every page has the signature of a parent or guardian.

3.   Be sure to provide a copy of your current 1040 Federal Tax Return with Social Security Numbers removed or other Proof of Financial Assistance.  Additional information for Proof of Financial Assistance is available on the Niagara Swimming Outreach Application.  If you do not qualify for any of the standards, you will be required to provide payment for each registered child.  Cost per child is listed on the Niagara Swimming Athlete Registration Form.

4.    Include your email wherever requested.

5.    Return the completed packet to a coach as soon as possible. 

6.    Any questions contact Coach Mike at 716-359-4729.