Membership Information

BlueFin Aquatics is a competitive swim team that welcomes children who know the basics of the strokes and are comfortable swimming in a pool to try out for the team (ages 5 and up). Membership is subject to space availability.  Billing is monthly with 30 days advance notice for withdrawals.  

While we do not require contract agreements, we do require all members to register with USA Swimming, and review, sign, and adhere to BlueFin Aquatics Policies and Procedures document.

BlueFin Aquatics makes long term commitments for pool rentals and coaching staff that requires the ongoing commitment and participation of our swimmers and parents. Ongoing membership is for swimmers and their families who are in good standing relative to the policies and procedures set forth by the governance committee.  This includes but is not limited to adherence to Code of Conduct and Safe Sport policies as well as no outstanding billing issues. 

Please contact Head Coach Bob at [email protected] or (702) 290 1312  to learn more or schedule an appointment to tryout for the team.