Membership Information




Welcome to LYST!  We are so excited that you are looking for more information about our team!  Fall-Winter online and Y registration is currently being planned and will be updated.  New swimmer assessments and fall-winter parent meeting will be scheduled soon.  Please be patient as we plan and work with the YMCA as well as state and local public health officials.  Once you have made the decision to join our team there is some valuable information below.

Here is some info to get you started:

Once activated and online, please go to and register online after you have completed your registration with the YMCA at the front desk.  Please read and electronically sign the forms online carefully.  There is very important info in the forms online.  You will need a credit card to put on file online.  You must register online with the team to swim.  Important email notices as well as meet sign up and volunteer job sign-ups are all completed through our website.

Communication - Please make sure that when you register online that you verify your email.  Email is used throughout the season to communicate with the team by coaches and the Parent Board.

Billing - The credit card is used to charge meet fees for Invitational's, team apparel, the Parent Board Booster fee and volunteer fees (only if volunteer credit hours are not met).  We do not charge fees for dual meets, but if you choose to go to an Invitational, then there are fees associated.  Different t-shirts are available throughout the year and team apparel and those will be charged to your credit card on file.  Caps are $8.00 and we require that all swimmers have  LYST cap.  There is a Parent Board Booster fee associated with the team for Summer and Winter Season. 

Volunteer Credits - Each season, parents are required to work job credits at meets.  These details are spelled out in the forms you will sign online.  It is very important that all families volunteer to help our meets run smoothly.  We do charge a fee to families that do not meet their volunteer credits.  Home meets typically require 30 volunteers to run a meet, so as you can see, it's important that everyone does their part to make our meets run efficiently and on time. NOTE:  AT THIS TIME, WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT SWIM MEETS CAN OR WILL BE SCHEDULED.  THIS SECTION WILL BE UPDATED AS WE NAVIGATE THROUGH OUR PLANNING FOR THE SEASON.

Swim Assessments - You should bring your swimmer to the first week of practice at 5pm to get your child assessed if you are new to the team so the coaches can determine what level your child will be in for practices.  Levels do not determine where they swim at meets.  Meets are broken up by age group.  We will also be scheduling assessments for new swimmers.  Please watch for dates and times.

Swim Suits - You are required to buy a TYR brand red/black suit.  The team will offer a team suit also.  They can wear other colored suits for practice.  Girls need to be in one piece competition style suit and boys can wear jammers or brief style suits.