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Aloha Pau Hana Ohana!


I am cautiously optimistic that we are rounding the corner of this crazy pandemic…and ready to have a more normal spring/summer than last year. On the positive side we are headed back to our home training facility of Denison at the end of May which is totally awesome!

So our patience and ability to adapt to training will have a very happy ending.

I still will be asking EVERYONE to WEAR MASKS and follow ALL COVID protocols we have in place and have been asked to follow. If you do not you may not swim with us. 


In the registration packet you will find specific forms that will need to be signed (unless you swam last season with us and have filled out the Newark and Zanesville (Muskingum) forms) plus the NEW and very specific Denison covid protocol. I will send a more detailed email the week before we start training there with what will be expected of us. I cannot stress enough that if we do not follow their rules we will not be able to train there. 


There are meets posted on the Ohio Swimming site for this summer which is GREAT NEWS!

My plans will be for us to participate in them. They include meets at Bowling Green AND we will be hosting our 6th Annual Jill Griesse Memorial Invite on June 19-20th @ The Dresden Swim Center (we are working on all the details). Please mark your calendar and I hope we get as many of our swimmers competing as possible. I will also be asking that all families volunteer/donate and participate in some manner to make this a success. BTW we are known for our amazing hospitality at our meets…so be proud :)


So please be respectful of one another and follow the rules. I want to thank all of our returning families who have stuck with me through this very trying year and have not given up. I am appreciative of this and don’t take it for granted.


Here’s to our upcoming season to remember!


All the best…Mahalo too….