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Aloha Pau Hana swimmers and families! 

Guess what…Did you know that 50 years ago Pau Hana was founded in 1968!! 

And Did you know we have Pau Hana alum coaching, alum with swimmers on the team, and many who still volunteer and support our team. How special is that! (Super cool and totally awesome factoid from JO’s in March..the oldest Ohio LSC record broken at the meet was from a former Pau Hana 1650 swimmer. Her name is Karen DiBlasio. Her 41 year old record was from 1977 and her mile time was 16:33.31!!) And at one time she was ranked 7th in the WORLD! 

I hope you are proud to be a part of this program and take the time to learn the history from years past. You are the the future of the team and also will be a part of the history in the years to come. 

I have some very exciting news for this summer. We will be teaming up with Pelotonia for our 4th Annual Jill Griesse Memorial Invite. From our donations we generate from the meet 100% will benefit ALL CANCER research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center- James Cancer Hospital and Solve Research Institute.

Our past 3 Jill Griesse Memorial Invites have raised more than $17,000. This year Pau Hana Swim Team has a Peloton registered with Pelotonia. (I am riding and encourage as many of you to sign up to RIDE, Volunteer, or be a Virtual rider). The goal this year is to surpass what we did in the past 3 years… More info will be coming soon on this event…

With that being said I cannot stress how important it is to have ALL of our parents volunteering and helping out at our 2 Team hosted events. (Jill Griesse Memorial will be June 15-17 and the Sr Meet on July 12-15th so mark your calendars) It takes an army to run these HUGE events and we have the reputation of running a great one.. Kudos to you! 

By hosting these meets we also are able to offset operating costs for the team as well as donating and being a part of ENDING CANCER!

So, by signing up and being a part of the Pau Hana Swim Team I am asking you to contribute and volunteer your time and make this experience a very positive and memorable one for your children. I have chosen at this time not to make this a MANDATORY commitment (with a Fee attached if you do not participate) because I believe in the goodness and willingness of each of you to WANT to do your part. 

You make a difference. Please continue to step up for your Pau Hana OHANA…Your support and love is much appreciated. So now let’s make more amazing memories…..