Membership Information

The Farber Swim School Penguins is a year-round, low pressure, competitive team, that teaches advanced techniques, while keeping it fun!

Team Information:

  • Tryouts are required
  • FREE one week trial available
  • Practices are Mon-Thurs, you choose the days
  • 1-2 optional meets every month
  • 1-3 optional dive clinics every month
  • No fundraising or volunteer hours required
  • USA Swimming & Oregon Swimming affiliated
  • Trained, certified & enthusiastic coaches

Team Structure:
The team currently consists of three different levels; Bronze, Silver & Gold. Participants are placed in these levels based on their age, swimming ability, maturity level and commitment to swimming.

Descriptions, Practice Times & Prices:

Bronze   (Entry Level Swimmer): Monday-Thursday, 5:30-6:30pm, $85/month

During a typical Bronze practice, swimmers will be asked to do simple swimming sets that improve not only their stroke technice, but endurance as well. Swimmers will also learn the basics of what is to be expected of them when they enter the Silver or Gold levels (when to leave the wall for sets, how to understand and interpret more difficult sets, what coaches hand signals mean, etc.). Bronze swimmers typically swim between 800-1500 yards per practice. 

Silver   (Intermediate Level Swimmer) : Monday-Friday, 5:30-7:00pm, $95/month

Silver swimmers are given more difficult sets, in order to concentrate on technique, endurance and speed.  Silver swimmers typically swim between 2500-3000 yards per practice. 

Gold   (Advance Level Swimmer)   : Monday-Friday, 5:30-7:00pm, $105/month

During a typical Gold practice, swimmers will focus on endurance, technique building and speed training. Gold swimmers will be asked to work through difficult sets that rely heavily on timing.  They typically swim between 3500-5500 yards per practice.  

Dry-land Practices
Gold swimmers also have optional dry-land practices on Mondays & Wednesdays from
4:30-5:30pm with Coach Seth.  Meet at Turtles Yoga and the practice will take off from there.

Miscellaneous Fees:

  • $64/year USA swimming fee
  • $25/year registration/fundraising fee
  • Meet fees are an extra cost. They range from $15-$45
  • Clinic fees are at an extra cost. They range from $15-$30

Family Discounts:
Families who have multiple Penguin swimmers on the team will receive a discount off of their monthly team fees. (Example: 1 Bronze $85/month & 1 Silver $95/month = $85 + $95 = $180 - 5% ($9.00) = $171.00)

  • 2 swimmers = 5%
  • 3 swimmers = 10%
  • 4 swimmers = 10%
  • 5+ swimmers = 20%

Team Fundraising:
At this time, the Penguins do not require their participants to fundraise. On occasion, the team will hold fundraisers for specific things, but participation is optional. 

Parent/Guardian Volunteer Hours:
At this time, the Penguins do not require any volunteer hours.  If a parent/guardian is interested in helping out at meets as a timer or an official, please email our Team Coordinator at

We are affiliated with  Oregon Swimming USA Swimming.