Membership Information

Mark Morris Memorial Pool @ 1602 Mark Morris Ct, Longview, WA 98632

Effective March 2019

  •  Pre-Comp:    $55.00 per month

  •  Novice:         $55.00 per month

  •  Junior:          $65.00 per month

  •  Senior:          $70.00 per month

Discount:  Families with 2 or more swimmers, subtract $3.00 per extra swimmer.

Additional Cost:
Swimmers are required to be members of USA Swimming.  
The cost of the USA Swimming Membership is currently $20 (FlexSwim membership) or $72 (Premium membership) per year.

  • FlexSwim Membership:  Our entry-level FlexSwim membership is designed for kids who want to experience swimming on a team.  This membership includes the options for two swim meets per year.  It's perfect for busy families who want to get a feel for the sport and and pre-team competition and allow the time flexibility to still participate in other sports or activities.
  • Premium Membership:  Our Premium membership is perfect for the kid who loves swimming on a team.  This membership allows kids (and families) to unlock all the premium benefits including unlimited swim meets, Splash magazine four times per year, team recognition programs, scholastic recognition programs, access to camps and so much more!  

Entry Fees:  Entry Fees for meets are an additional cost.  Meet entry is not required but strongly encouraged.  You choose the meets you want to attend in discussion with your coach.  A $5.00 Killer Whales Meet Admin Fee is added per swimmer, per day surcharge.

How to Join:

  • A new swimmer interested in joining the team will fill out paper work for a New Swimmer.  There is a $20 ( FlexSwim membership) or $72 (Premium membership) fee required (for payment of the USA Swimming annual fee) & the USA Swimming Registration form needs to be completed. There will be a monthly dues for your swimmer based on the swim group your swimmer is assigned.

  • Monday at 5:15pm is the best time to sign up new swimmers. Come to the Mark Morris pool and fill out the new swimmer packet.  Please check the monthly calendar to double check if any pool or holiday closures.  This is located on the homepage of our team website.

  • If you feel more comfortable being in contact with someone first, please
    visit the "contact us" page.  We would love to talk to you.

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