Membership Information
The Corvallis Aquatic Team (CAT) is a competitive swimming team offering year-round instruction, training, and opportunities for competition to Willamette Valley athletes of all ages, abilities and interest levels.  CAT belongs to Oregon Swimming, Inc. (OSI), an affiliate of USA Swimming.  CAT’s program continues to develop under the guidance of a professional coaching staff who believes that competitive sports form good citizens as well as strong athletes.  The Corvallis Aquatic Team aims to:
   *  Empower each team member to attain athletic and personal success by teaching effective swim techniques; introducing the concept of positive mental imagery; emphasizing the principles of goal setting; and promoting the ideals of honesty, commitment, self-discipline, good sportsmanship and team unity.
   *  Provide quality instruction and training to all team members, from the novice swimmer to the international competitor.
   *  Participate in local, state, regional, national and international events sponsored by Oregon Swimming, Inc.,
USA Swimming, or the United States Olympic Committee.
   *  Foster family unity by encouraging parental involvement in the planning, coordination and implementation of various team activities.
Moreover, the Corvallis Aquatic Team intends to provide a positive atmosphere with a strong sense of team unity while emphasizing individual success. CAT consists of swimmers, coaches, and parents; none could exist without support from the others. 
We are committed to providing a safe environment for all participants and to do so, have athlete protection policies and guidelines in place.  We want to assist our swimmers to develop with fun, challenging and growing experiences; we want to encourage professional satisfaction and growth for our coaches, and we want to help our parents enjoy their volunteer efforts and cope with the details of competitive swimming. 
Answers to frequently asked questions are below.  Please email rhondasoule@gmail.com if you have further questions.

Joining the Corvallis Aquatic Team - FAQ’s

Is my child ready for the swim team?

Children are generally ready to join CAT when they have passed level 6 in the Liquid Degree program (swim lessons offered by Osborn Aquatic Center), or can swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.  The child should also be comfortable in deep water.

How do I join?

Our year-round program runs from mid-September through mid-August.  Swimmers may join at any time during the year - the child should simply show up at Osborn at 3:30PM (10 & under swimmers) or 5:30PM (11 & over swimmers).  Go to the deep end of the pool and ask to see a coach.  Be prepared with suit, cap, and goggles to be evaluated for squad placement.  

For swimmers wishing to join our Trophy League summer program, which runs April 1 through mid-August, the procedure for joining is the same but the cost structure is different.  More information about the Trophy League is found on our website under "Team Info - Summer Trophy League."

How often and when will my child practice?

 A.        New swimmers ages 10 & under are almost always placed on the Novice squad, which practices from 3:30-4:30PM Monday through Friday during the school year.  Summer times are 9:30-10:30AM Monday through Friday and 5:00-6:00PM Tuesday and Thursday.   Novice swimmers practice no more than three practices per week.  You may choose the times and days that work best for you. 

 B.        New swimmers ages 11 & over (but not yet in high school) are usually placed on the Junior 1A squad which practices from 5:30-6:45PM Monday through Friday during the school year.   Summer times are 8:15-9:30AM Monday through Friday and 5:00-6:00PM Tuesday and Thursday.   Junior 1A swimmers may practice up to five times per week.

 C.        New high school-aged swimmers are placed on the Senior 1 squad which practices from 3:30-5:00PM Monday through Friday from mid-September through mid-November, and March through mid-June.  Summer times are 7:15-8:45AM Monday through Friday. Senior 1 swimmers may practice up to five times per week.  This squad is also appropriate for a high school swimmer who wishes to keep in shape outside of the high school season.  Please note that this squad does not exist during the winter high school swim season. 

My child is not progressing in traditional lessons; do they have any other options?

Yes, Osborn and CAT have a ‘Fast Track’ program for Level 5-6 swimmers who wish to make quicker progress to join CAT. Ask at the Osborn front desk for more information.

What is the cost of swimming for CAT?

CAT offers a trial period of one week where we do not require registration or payment. Swimmers are required to register on our website no later than one calendar week after their first day of practice.  Your start date will be determined by the first date you came to practice, not the first date after the trial week.  If you decide to not join the team, there is no charge for the trial week.  Should you decide to join the team, costs are as follows:

 A.        For year-round swimmers, there are three components to the cost:

             1.  Annual USA Swimming fee of $72 for the year September through August. This fee cannot be prorated for year-round swimmers who join later in the year.  This fee is set by USA Swimming and is subject to change.  There is a reduced cost of $5 for those eligible for food stamps, WIC, or other programs.  Please contact rhonda.soule@corvallisaquaticteam.org for information.

            2. Annual Osborn fee of $230 for the year September through August. This fee will be prorated if your swimmer joins the year-round program after November 30; however, refunds are not given should a swimmer leave the team mid-season. It covers our practice lane rental space from Osborn; regular Osborn memberships do not cover this fee.   The Osborn fee is only charged for the first two swimmers in a family; 3rd and subsequent swimmers do not pay this fee.        

            3.  Monthly dues are charged for 11 months - October through July, and for half months in September and August.   New swimmers will have their first month prorated based on the day of the month they join, but after the first month a full month's dues will be charged regardless of how many days the swimmer is active on the team. Swimmers may take a break from the team and not be charged monthly dues by notifying the Business Manager by the 15th of the month prior to the break. Novice dues are $55/month; Jr. 1A dues $65/month; Sr. 1 dues (March through August only) $85/month.

B.         Senior 1 swimmers who wish to swim in the fall prior to the start of the high school swimming season are charged a lump sum payment of $225 which covers the USA swimming membership, prorated Osborn fee, and monthly dues for mid-September through mid-November. 

C.        For summer Trophy League swimmers a lump sum payment of $425 covers the seasonal USA swimming membership, Osborn fee, and monthly dues for April through mid-August. For those swimmers who join Trophy League in May the cost is $350, and in June the cost is $275.  Any swimmers who wish to join in July should email rhonda.soule@gmail.com for information.

 What are other obligations of the swimmer and parents?

A.        Swim meets.  Swimmers are encouraged to swim in as many meets as they feel comfortable but meets are not required for the new swimmer.  There will be opportunities for new swimmers to swim in meets at Osborn along with meets at pools within an hour or so drive of Corvallis and/or meets further away.  As your child progresses on the team there may be meets (both in Corvallis and away) that require qualifying times in which he or she may also participate.

 Fundraising meet service hours and donations. All families of year-round swimmers are required to work at the fundraising meets which CAT hosts at Osborn.  Trophy League only swimmers are exempt from this requirement.   The number of hours required varies by squad and length of time on the team - new families in their first year with the team work 12 hours for the 2019-20 year.  Families may choose which of the five meets (held from December through May) work best for their schedules.   There are many varying opportunities for meet jobs for newcomers to the sport of swimming.   We also charge $12 to each CAT family's account for each fundraising meet to cover food costs for concessions and the hospitality room.  More information about service hours and donation requirements, and about the various jobs, can be found on the CAT website under "Team Info - Volunteering 101" or "Team Info - Fundraising Meets."

How do I Register for the Team?

Once you have decided that your swimmer will be joining CAT, please go to our website www.corvallisaquaticteam.org and click on “Start Registration” on the left hand side of the screen.  You will be guided through several easy steps of signing up your child to swim with us. 

Once registered and approved you will be sent an email giving you access to your online account with CAT.  Please go to your account through the email sent to you via CAT and TeamUnify to verify your email address.  The online account is used for swim meet sign-up, volunteer sign-up, and access to your billing information and history with the team.   You will also begin receiving important email communication from the team.   To access your account, go to our website and click “Sign in”, then click “My Account” on the left hand side of the screen.