Membership Information

CRCY Barracudas Swim Team

Barracudas Swim Team
Program Fees
Bronze Silver Gold Jr/Sr
9 Months $317.00
or $36.25/mo eft*
or $41/mo eft*

or $44.50/mo eft*

or $49.75/mo eft*



Fayette Co. Family YMCA Membership

Student: $60.00 per Year        Family: $150.00 per Year
(Financial assistance and payment plans are available based on need.)

CRC Membership   For Swim Team

Youth Family
(See other Memberships) 9 Month Pass $236.00 or $27.25/mo eft* $520.00 or $58.75/mo eft*
* eft -EFT or Electronic Funds Transfer enables you to purchase a pass for 6 to 12 months and have the monthly amount automatically taken out of your checking or savings account. You still save money over purchasing one month at a time, however there is a one-time set up fee of $7.00 for all EFT’s.