Membership Information

Team email: [email protected]

Payment Information
To make payments to JCE using Mastercard or Visa,  click on the  Make a Payment  tab. We prefer that all payments be made online. Any payments in the form of a check may be mailed to Jenks Trojan Swim Club c/o Jenks Community Education, 205 East B St, Jenks, OK 74037; memo: swimmer name/purpose of pymt (eg: July Tuition, Stars & Stripes). There is also a lock-box outside the JTSC office for checks. Cash payments are not appropriate due to the reduced capability of tracking and will not be accepted. 

If you have specific questions about any payments you have made related to Jenks Trojan Swim Club, you may contact Austin Kelley at [email protected] or (918) 299-4415 Ext. 2475.  If you are having any problems with paying online, please contact Austin via email. 


Parent/Guardian Concerns
Per Board of Education Policy 1.29, the following steps are procedures recommended to be followed by a parent or guardian with questions or concerns regarding the operation of JTSC:

1. Matters concerning individual students and their coaches should first be addressed with the coach.

2. Unsettled matters from one (1) above should be addressed with the JTSC Coordinator at [email protected] or (918) 299-4415 Ext. 1036

3. Unsettled matters from two (2) above, should be directed to the Director of the Aquatics Center at [email protected]

4. Unsettled matters from three (3) above, should be directed to the Assistant Director of Community Education. [email protected]

5.  Unsettled matters from four (4) above, should be directed to the Director of Community Education.

5. Unsettled matters from five (5) above, should be directed to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services. 

6. Unsettled matters from six (6) above, should be placed in writing to the Superintendent of Jenks Public Schools. The Superintendent will schedule a meeting with the parent/guardian. 


The Jenks Trojan Swim Club (JTSC) is coordinated through Jenks Community Education (JCE), a department of Jenks Public Schools.  All dues and fees that are collected are deposited into JCE's designated JTSC accounts.  These are the funds used for all of the JTSC events and equipment.  The team requires monthly dues, and meet fees (if a swimmer swims at a meet) to be paid by the members.

The monthly fees help to cover the following items; Coaches Registrations, Coaches Certifications, Coaches Salaries, and Pool Fees for the Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center.

Fund Raising
The team has several opportunities throughout the year to assist with fundraising.  They are Concessions, Chuck-A-Duck, Swim-A-Thon, Triathlon, and poinsettia sales.  If you know of another idea or are interested in setting up another fund-raiser, please contact a board member.


JTSC is a Jenks Public Schools organization coordinated through Jenks Community Education and tax-deductible donations can be made to the team. If you know someone who would like to donate funds or equipment, see Coach Diego Henao, Jenks Trojan Swim Club Coordinator.

Meet Fees
The team charges a surcharge for all meets. This surcharge is to help offset the costs for the team to represent us at the meet.  This surcharge does not cover all of the fees associated with sending a coach to a meet or the costs associated with putting on a meet.  The fundraising efforts and monthly dues mainly pay for these costs.

There is a host surcharge and a fee for each event entered. These fees are determined by the hosting team and passed along to the meet attendees.

Miscellaneous Expenses
The team incurs operating expense everyday. This is mainly invisible to the team members. Some of these expenses include; office supplies, postage, radios, files, gifts, trophies, and cell phone charges.  The team also pays mileage to the coaches for each meet.   Our computers are used for record keeping as well as running meets. The team pays for upgrades to hardware and software every year.


The team treasurer will keep the books and have available to the board the current status of the team finances.  If you would like to see a report, please contact a board member.


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